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Tuesday, November 21, 2017


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Fintech Negocios

Las fintech cambiarán la manera de hacer negocios

Por Yulissa Álvarez   En República Dominicana cada día son más los dominicanos que cuentan con un teléfono móvil inteligente conectado al internet y, dado que...
Bank Digitalisation

Banks need full-scale digitalisation

  Moreover, the industry is facing an accelerating digital threat, both from new digital competitors and from customers’ rapid and widespread adoption of digital banking....
Africa Digital

The digital bank – delivering on Africa’s potential

    While cash is still dominant, the shift to digital banking increasingly is becoming the driving force across our continent. It is no secret that Africa’s...

Digital banks and supermarkets at Finopolis 2017

On October 5-6, Sochi hosted the forum of innovative financial technologies Finopolis 2017. The forum objective was discussion of modern trends in improving interaction between...

Is Bitcoin Becoming Mainstream?

Between November 2016 and November 2017, Bitcoin saw its market-cap increase by 1034% to a record breaking value of $128,982,906,067 on coinmarketcap.com. November 2017...
Bank Generation


By GILLIAN SARAH DUNCAN | SPECIAL TO REACH BY GULF NEWS   As the digital future becomes inevitable, a one-size-fits-all approach in banking does not work...
ATM Digital

Banks shutter ATMs as cities go digital, remove 358 over June-August

By Rachel Chitra| HIGHLIGHTS Between June and August this year, the total number of ATMs in the country decreased by 358, a dip of 0.16...

Deloitte – Open Banking Report

Foreword Retail banking has faced a number of disruptive threats in the past, but each time the traditional banks have adapted and grown stronger. Key...

FinTech Startups: The rocket fuel for a less-cash economy

By Sathish Vaidyanathan, Director of Engineering, New Initiatives Group, PayPal Chennai The country’s transition to a digital and less-cash economy has brought along with it some predictable...
Mobile Services

In China, mobile payments are creating a thriving industry of micro services

By Eva Xiao   China may be known as the copycat nation, but the country is a genius at creating new business models, from bike sharing...
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