• Cloud-only digital transformation company partners with largest AI implementation services provider in Turkey, a business of Fortune Global 500 company Koç Holding
  • Blue.cloud accelerates its AI services to implement advanced predictive solutions for enterprise financial, insurance and compliance clients

TAMPA, Fla.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Global cloud-only digital transformation company Blue.cloud, announced today that it has obtained AI implementation capabilities from the leading artificial intelligence provider in Turkey, KoçDigital. Together, the organizations will accelerate Blue.cloud’s AI innovations and expand capabilities with a suite of solutions that improve predictive analysis in enterprise digital transformation.

This collaboration builds on Blue.cloud’s previous AI investments including partnering with leading AI cloud data providers DataRobot and ThoughtSpot to bring real-time analytics to several Fortune 500 clients and declaring data science – including AI and machine learning (“ML”) – a core service. Blue.cloud has deep technology skills that enable key business processes across industries to deliver cloud transformation solutions that impact growth and differentiated customer experience for clients. Deploying Artificial Intelligence in digital transformation initiatives will aid the company in improving operational decision-making, providing more dynamic data insights, and identifying consumer trends that enhance the overall customer experience for its clients.

“Expanding our AI capabilities has been a top priority to help clients more accurately predict executive business decisions and outcomes within their digital transformation strategy,” said Kerem Koca, co-Founder and co-CEO of Blue.cloud. “Partnering with a seasoned AI powerhouse like KoçDigital equips us with a host of advanced use cases and experienced team members to help us transform customer data into competitive advantages for clients. We are excited to begin implementing a future technology in the present day.”

With a data-driven approach to digital transformation and consulting services, Blue.cloud specializes in implementing modern cloud data technologies and analytics by leveraging next-generation technologies and a world class team of IT leaders to transform how enterprises operate and compete in the marketplace. KoçDigital is the largest AI leader in Turkey and a technology company of Koç Holding, the sole Turkish corporation on the Fortune Global 500 List. By integrating with KoçDigital’s AI team, the company will be laser-focused on leading digital transformation initiatives around AI/ML solutions that lead to increased productivity and revenue for clients in 2022.

“As the financial services industry steadily increases its digital transformation adoption, KoçDigital was a natural partner for Blue.cloud given their vast experience in the market,” said Praveen Ramineni, co-Founder and co-CEO of Blue.cloud. “Our sights are set on working together to grow additional verticals, deliver advanced AI-driven client solutions and further develop our partnerships with leading AI companies.”

KoçDigital is helping to drive digital transformation efforts by leveraging the full power of its AI and IoT solutions to derive breakthrough insights for the enterprise digital journey. Additionally, KoçDigital has implemented more than 150 artificial intelligence projects throughout various sectors such as production, energy, retail, automotive and finance. The company has also developed strong strategic partnerships with the world’s largest leading technology companies such as Microsoft, SAS, Siemens, and Amazon.

“Blue.cloud’s customer experience expertise and proven industry demand created an ideal alignment between our companies,” said Önder Kaplancık, Managing Director of KoçDigital. “KoçDigital’s experience in the artificial intelligence space coupled with Blue.cloud’s implementation power will offer valuable analytic solutions to the US market as we continue to help organizations execute digital transformation, post-project artificial intelligence sustainability services, end-to-end internet of things, and big data analytics.”

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About Blue.cloud

Blue.cloud is a cloud-only digital transformation company that specializes in implementing leading cloud technologies and solutions for clients. Blue.cloud provides digital strategy, data engineering and analytics, digital services and cloud operation services to companies ranging from Fortune 500 enterprises to mid-market companies and startups. It has deep technology skills that enable key business processes and works across industries to deliver cloud transformation solutions that impact growth and differentiated customer experience for clients. Blue.cloud is the evolution of Bluenet, which was founded in 2004 in the data and analytics space. The company is headquartered in Tampa Bay, FL. For more information, visit www.blue.cloud

About KoçDigital:

KoçDigital, a wholly owned subsidiary of KoçSistem operating in partnership with BCG, one of the leading consultancy firms worldwide, delivers a unique opportunity that allows its customers to combine their physical and digital assets; ensuring connectivity among the hardware objects of the organizations, and managing the entire digital transformation process. The company sets its sights on optimizing value chains by offering tailored automation of logistics, production, and sales processes. With big data and advanced analytics solutions KoçDigital provides collection and processing of data from different sources, making predictions with analytical applications from customer demand forecasting through preventive maintenance, optimizing the operations and creating added value with such data.


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