CHICAGO–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Affinitiv, the leading provider of data-driven marketing and software solutions to the automotive market, has upgraded its all-in-one data management console, DealerLens®. The console enables Affinitiv clients to easily measure and benchmark results across multiple solutions, which allows users to track productivity more effectively across all dealers within a group. Additionally, DealerLens® provides dealerships with a high-level overview of the performance of each Affinitiv product they are using and how it interacts with their business. With the latest enhancements, dealerships can now view even more dashboards and KPIs to drive success.

DealerLens® provides extensive oversight on a dealership and group’s operations, displaying data via customizable widgets based on the information each dealer wants to receive. The dealer can view an overall summary of their business and benchmark dealerships within the group by the entire industry or brand peers. In addition, the views are broken into key areas of the business with a customized heads-up display with the ability to pin favorite metrics. DealerLens® delivers a highly efficient way to digest data to meet the specific goals within a dealership and its group. The latest enhancements provide even more information at-a-glance, featuring new sales and service dashboards as well as 50+ KPIs.

Top features for Affinitiv DealerLens® include:

  • NEW sales and service dashboards
  • NEW and unique KPIs for dealers (50+)
  • Multiple views of data across a group including summary, dealer benchmark, industry benchmark, and brand benchmark
  • Actionable insights
  • Data sets from multiple third-party integrations

Our newest enhancements to DealerLens® help us provide dealerships and groups with even more data to optimize their performance,” said Matt Rodeghero, Chief Product Officer at Affinitiv. “The addition of sales and service dashboards along with over 50 KPIs give dealer groups in particular more insight and capability than has ever been provided in this industry. With all necessary data across internal and third-party tools in their hands, they can meet and exceed their goals, avoiding missed opportunities, cross-referencing, and data overload.”

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About Affinitiv

Affinitiv is the leading provider of end-to-end sales, service, and marketing technologies for automotive manufacturers, dealer groups, and individual dealerships. Backed by over 20 years of automotive and marketing expertise, Affinitiv supports over 5,500 dealerships and all major automakers nationwide. At the forefront of this high-powered solutions suite is its most critical component, data, which is harnessed by our Customer Data Platform, allowing for highly targeted, timely, and relevant communications throughout the customer journey. With a technology-driven, hyper-personalized, and consultative approach, Affinitiv drives the next-generation customer experience while helping industry participants build profitable, lifelong customer relationships. For more information, visit


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