AKKA (Paris:AKA) (BSE:AKA) (ISIN:FR0004180537) is proud to announce the labeling of its Flexmove project by the i-TRANS1 competitiveness cluster during the steering committee of 24thJune 2021, following its submission as part of the call for expressions of interest of the 2021 Railway Research and Innovation Steering Committee (AMI CORIFER).

Flexmove is a multimodal mobility service based on an electric vehicle that can be driven like a normal car on the road, but which can also travel on railways thanks to special road-rail technology developed by AKKA. The Group’s leading automotive and rail experts are working on this project, more specifically on system specifications, vehicles, road rail guidance solutions and alignment platforms, automated driving, system integration.

The technical feasibility of this road-rail system has already been validated and several patents have been filed, in particular for the multi-support guidance system adaptable to all types of passenger vehicles or vans.

This collaborative innovation project, launched in January 2020, brings together alongside AKKA two major mobility players Alstom and Systra, Entropy, a young innovative company in the sector, the Gustave Eiffel University (UGE) and the Occitanie Region.

Alstom will handle the operating assistance and telecommunications system as well as the rail business expertise, while Systra will be in charge of the level crossing management safety system and the standardisation of the related adaptations as well as the rail infrastructure. Entropy will contribute its expertise to the “Intelligent traffic prediction” (AI) work package and its impact on mobility flows. Meanwhile, the UGE will provide its scientific expertise on the location module, autonomous driving and impact studies as well as on the aspects of grip, tires, mechanics, etc. This will all be done in close collaboration with the Occitanie Region, as an experimentation area.

Mauro Ricci, Chairman and CEO of AKKA Technologies declares: “We are very pleased that Flexmove has obtained the i-Trans competitiveness cluster label, awarded following a rigorous process of analysis and evaluation. This labeling represents a major recognition of the strategic value of the project within its ecosystem and in relation to market targets and constitutes a pledge of excellence for public sector sponsors. This is a new key stage in the development of this project, which our engineers have been working on for 18 months.”.


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1 i-TRANS is the competitiveness cluster for transport, mobility and logistics. The cluster’s mission is to develop the competitiveness of companies through collaborative innovation as a driver of growth and employment. The cluster brings together large groups, ETIs, SMEs and laboratories from all horizons in ambitious R&D&I projects in the fields of rail, automotive, mobility and freight.


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