AKKA Technologies (Paris:AKA) (BSE:AKA) (ISIN:FR0004180537) alongside a European multidisciplinary consortium of forty-seven partners are collaborating within PROBONO, a five-year R&D project funded by the European Commission with a budget of €25 million, towards the development of solutions for energy efficient buildings and sustainable green neighborhoods, with a positive energy balance and zero carbon emissions.

The ambition for sustainable and green buildings across Europe has encountered a number of barriers such as high upfront construction costs, access to capital, social attitudes, lack of information, experience and incentives, amongst others. To answer these challenges, the PROBONO project envisions a people-focused European construction industry working in harmony with the broader community of stakeholders. Here, public authorities and citizens are involved with the purpose to deliver scalable, sustainable, and viable energy positive and zero-carbon green buildings and neighborhoods.

PROBONO’s aim is to provide validated solutions for the design, construction, and operation of new and/or retrofitted zero-pollution and positive energy buildings as part of sustainable green neighbourhood developments. These solutions will be piloted across six EU states where living labs will be established. More specifically, these living labs, linked to business and municipality greening plans, will include two municipality driven large-scale demonstrators (Madrid and Dublin) and four living labs representing business/owner promoters of the green buildings and neighborhoods’ transition (Porto, Brussels, Aarhus, Prague).

These local initiatives will enable PROBONO to not only provide strong examples on how technological and social innovations related to green buildings and neighborhoods can be applied, but also contribute evidence-based policy recommendations, standardization actions, and robust adoption and commercialisation strategies in order to enhance wide-scale adoption and standard creation. Having a systems-based approach to the buildings’ infrastructure and a focus on people and sustainability, the project will fully exploit digitalization and smart technologies for the benefit of society.

AKKA–through AKKA Research, its in-house innovation and R&D center–will coordinate the digital activities, leveraging technologies such as Big data, IoT, AI, BIM and 3D visualisation with the aim of developing a digitalization platform to allow data-driven decisions in the planning, design, manufacturing, construction and operation phases of green urban projects. This platform will include digital twins of the living labs, an open knowledge base and a strategic decision-making tool for green building stakeholders.

AKKA will lead the integration and deployment of the digital twins in the living labs which will provide simulation-based evaluation and finetuning of building plans and solutions design, as well as monitoring day-to-day operations such as the state of building subsystems and prediction of energy demand.

Pierre Lion, Group Director of AKKA Research commented: “At AKKA we help our customers to optimize their processes by creating value out of their data, turning it into a source of competitive advantage. We are proud to be contributing our expertise to the PROBONO project, which is a concrete example of how sustainable solutions can be developed leveraging Big Data, resulting in a positive social and environmental impact.”

The project involves 47 partners from 15 different countries, for a 5-years project duration (2021-2026). Its total budget is EUR 25,252,011 and will receive a funding from the EU of EUR 20,158,449.

This project receives funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 Research and Innovation programme under Grant Agreement No 101037075.

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