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TAIPEI, Taiwan–(BUSINESS WIRE)–$atrack #AssetTracker–Renown global telematics brand, ATrack Technology (6465.TWO) will participate in Transport Logistic in Munich, Germany from May 9th to 12th. The Transport Logistic exhibition is a leading indicator for the global logistics industry. In addition to displaying a series of vehicle and asset trackers and smart AI camera for the transportation sector, ATrack will also showcase a series of in-vehicle AI computers, a solution to comprehensively improve the safety and efficiency of vehicles and driving while assisting customers in implementing intelligent cloud management and improving the overall operational efficiency of logistics.

ATrack states that vehicles currently account for approximately 15 percent of all carbon dioxide emissions in the European Union (EU). Although the EU has announced that it will completely ban the sale of gasoline-powered vehicles from 2035, the cost of electrification of trucks is very high, so the current proportion of electrified trucks in Europe remains low. However, in order to achieve net zero emissions by 2050, the EU has set a mid-term goal of reducing carbon dioxide emissions from cars by 55% and from trucks by 50% from 2021 to 2030. Therefore, the logistics industry looks to introduce technology to optimize the efficiency of vehicle use and reduce carbon emissions.

In-vehicle AI computers create 360-degrees of IoV applications

In-Vehicle Computer is a 360-degree of IoV application through the combination of in-vehicle computer, vehicle tracker and multiple-lens smart camera. Through AI and original edge computing technology, it can assist driving safety, monitor driving status and train driving behavior in real time to improve driving quality. Meanwhile, through real-time vehicle tracking, engine status diagnosis, fuel consumption and mileage monitoring, it can realize one-stop cloud fleet management, which can be applied to taxi, bus and railcar.

AM9 forms the core of IoV solutions

The AM9 is an in-vehicle embedded fanless computer, which is an important carrier for introducing telematics solutions. It can be integrated with taxi dispatch and billing systems to become a taxi fleet management solution. The AM9 has a built-in accelerometer and gyroscope, which can monitor the driver’s bad driving behaviors such as sharp turns, rapid acceleration and braking. In addition, AM9 is highly scalable and can import software applications and connect to hardware accessories such as cameras and monitors, making it a key core for the development a full range of IoV applications.

AK500 fully master vehicle status

The AK500 is a multifunctional telematics gateway that utilizes LTE Cat. 4 high-speed wireless mobile networking and is equipped with 2.4GHz, 5GHz Wi-Fi sharing, Bluetooth communication, and functionality including driver behavior monitoring and real-time positioning. It also supports multiple communication protocols and can monitor vehicle engine data including fuel consumption, engine speed, idling time, etc. The AK500 can assist customers in conducting in-depth big data analysis and early detection of potential problems for preventive maintenance. In addition, the AK500 has a large number of interfaces to connect various sensors such as tire pressure monitors, ID card readers, temperature and humidity sensors, etc., making it uniquely suitable for commercial vehicles and heavy trucks that require multiple applications.

AW500 AI computing improves driving safety

The AW500 smart AI camera with edge AI computing supports Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS). If a vehicle deviates, fails to maintain a safe distance, or performs other dangerous behaviors, a voice alarm will be issued immediately. At the same time, the Driver Monitoring System (DMS) can detect whether the driver exhibits negative behaviors such as using mobile phones, dozing off, smoking, etc., and reminds the driver through voice prompts to improve driving safety. In addition, in terms of poor driving or negative driver behavior, the AW500 will automatically record and upload incidents to the cloud which can greatly reduce the time and cost of resolving accidents.

AS700 zero lifetime maintenance, unlimited applications

The AS700 solar-powered asset tracker integrates the functions of solar charging and asset trackers. It is equipped with ATrack’s proprietary ultra-fast charging and highly-efficient power-saving technologies and can provide a lifelong power supply without any maintenance. The AS700 is suitable for important asset management that requires long-term and high-frequency transmission of information. In addition to real-time positioning, the AS700 can also be used in various scenarios with software applications and accessories including motion detection, truck/container door status detection, and continuous monitoring of in-container temperature and humidity. It is equipped with a real-time abnormality alarm to prevent damage to transported goods caused by abnormal temperature and humidity and is suitable for cold chain management and container tracking.

ATrack states that it will showcase in-vehicle AI computers, smart AI cameras, and a series of vehicle trackers at this exhibition. These demonstrate ATrack’s mature technological capabilities as the company vertically integrates the telematics market and continuously expands into the EU and its global market share.

For more information, please visit ATrack’s website, LinkedIn, Facebook, or YouTube.

ATrack Technology 2023 Transport Logistic Exhibition in Munich, Germany Booth information

Date: May 5-12, 2023

Location: Trade Fair Center Messe München

Booth#: A3.530

About ATrack

Founded in January 2010 and listed on the TPEx in 2015, ATrack Technology is a world leading brand specializing in telematics products and services. With more than 20 years of accumulated technological experience, ATrack Technology is dedicated to providing GPS trackers that are certified by global communication networks and telecommunications providers. From product design, technology R&D, and manufacturing to the global marketing of its brand, and by utilizing its proprietary software and hardware R&D capabilities and flexible production strategies, ATrack Technology has established a highly customized R&D and production system while providing efficient technical support and after-sales services to customers. ATrack maintains a philosophy of pursuing excellence, which is reflected in the company obtaining ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 certifications. We expect to achieve our ultimate goal of sustainable operations by continuously and actively improving and implementing top quality management and internal processes. Please visit the ATrack Technology website for more information on our brand and products.


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