NEW YORK–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Global manufacturer and wholesaler Bagatelle International is entering into a multi-year licensing agreement with kathy ireland® Worldwide (kiWW®), the highest ranking woman-owned licensing business in American history.

Under this new agreement, Kathy and her creative team at kiWW® will design and collaborate with the Bagatelle creative team on the kathy ireland® collection. Kathy enjoys tremendous success in denim and dress making for the home industry and now will be bringing that success to fashion. The new collection will include outerwear, dresses, and denim and will be presented to retailers around the country.

“It is an exquisite experience to collaborate with Michael Litvack, CEO, Jamie Litvack, President, Liza Diamond, VP of Sales, and all of our colleagues at Bagatelle International. Our friend and fashion leader, Lee Mendelbaum made the introduction and we fell in love. The clothes are everything we imagined. Michael and Jamie are gentlemen of quality, taste, and an authentic understanding of our design dreams. Bagatelle International is an extraordinary company. ‘Some Wonderful Things Are Happening’ in our fashion business unit. We are absolutely thrilled,” said Kathy Ireland, CEO, kathy ireland® Worldwide, America’s 15th largest brand, according to License Global Magazine.

“Bagatelle International is committed to Kathy’s vision of affordable chic and body cooperative, luxurious dressing for women at every stage of life. Our thanks to Michael, Jamie, our Moretz team and Lee Mandelbaum for assembling a strong program of fashion partners. The Litvacks have joined Kathy’s philanthropic passion by having Bagatelle International kathy ireland® contribute a portion of sales to nonprofits,” said Jon Carrasco and Stephen Roseberry, Worldwide Creative Director and President-CMO, kathy ireland® Worldwide, respectively.

President of Bagatelle Inc. Jamie Litvack notes, “We are honored to partner with Kathy, one of the most successful and empowering female entrepreneurs of our time. As soon as we met Kathy and her team, we knew we were all in.”

The kathy ireland® collection will be available for purchase beginning in Fall 2022. The collection has already been placed at retail which will be announced soon.

About kathy​ ireland®​ Worldwide (kiWW):

Founded in 1993, kathy​ ireland®​ Worldwide (kiWW) celebrates living & eclectic, individual style. Their mission …solutions™… soluciones™ est.1998, inspire & empower, all kiWW®​ offerings, including: fashion for women, men & children, intimate apparel, accessories, fine jewelry, weddings & resorts, skincare, cosmetics, furniture, lighting, flooring, decor, cookware, appliances for homes & offices all over the world, insurance, telemedicine, recovery centers, merchant services, fintech, investment strategies, real estate, hospitality, comfort care for pets, nutraceuticals, supplements, recreation & adventure designs for Camping World, led by CEO, Marcus Lemonis, all resulting in a portfolio of over 20,000 skus, entertainment and sports including: publishing, film, television, music, artist & athlete management.

kiWW®’s singular ability to innovate, design, and fulfill client demands for multiple markets, categories and price points propels the conglomerate to the 15th position of worldwide brands, according to License! Global magazine. Kathy’s solely owned company, which began at the family kitchen table with Worldwide Creative Director, Jon Carrasco, is the highest-ranking woman-owned licensing business in American history.

About Bagatelle International:

Bagatelle International is a celebrated authority in the design and manufacturing of contemporary ready-to-wear, outerwear, and leather clothing. The company is known for many of its popular brands including AVEC LES FILLES, Kathy Ireland, and Bagatelle Collection, which are featured in major retailers including Nordstrom, Bloomingdale’s, Macy’s, Urban Outfitters and more.


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