Written by Robert McHugh,

Bank of Ireland has today confirmed that its busiest day on record for digital channels was Thursday 21st December with over 900,000 logins across networks including the mobile app, 365 Online and Business Online, which is used by business customers.

The bank claims December produced very high demand across many services and the run-up to Christmas Day surpassed Black Friday activity.

Even Christmas Day saw a significant level of digital activity, with close to 200,000 logins and almost 500 customer requests online including changes of address, current account and personal loan applications, travel notifications and deposit withdrawal requests.

The dominant channel for logins was the mobile app, which accounted for more than half of all logins. December 21st also saw a new record for Bank of Ireland point of sale (POS), with 1.25million transactions conducted.

The busiest hours on over the Christmas period were 11am on the 27th (3,770 sessions), midday on St. Stephen’s Day (1,830 sessions) and Christmas Eve (1,508 sessions) and 8pm on Christmas Day (888 sessions).

The quietest time this year was 5am on Christmas Day, which still had 109 sessions.


Point of sale and ATM activity remained high through the month, with over 6.25million Bank of Ireland transactions over the weekend 15th – 17th December, and a record volume of LATM (Lodgement ATM) activity on Monday 18th December.

Commenting on the figures, Director, Strategy, Digital & Innovation at Bank of Ireland, Garvan Callan said, “Three in four of our customers are now digitally active and this Christmas has seen a number of record-breaking milestones across our channels.

Thursday December 21st was the busiest day on record for our digital channels with 919,000 logins, almost three times the number of logins we had on St Stephen’s Day.

The same day brought a record volume of point of sale transactions, so it’s clearly one of the busiest shopping days over the Christmas period.”