BSI’s Quillibrium® also ‘Finalist’ for “Best New Biological Product of the Year”

DAVIS, Calif.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Botanical Solution Inc. (BSI), innovator of sustainable, consistent and cost-effective Advanced Botanical Materials for agricultural and pharmaceutical applications, has been named a ‘Finalist’ in the Crop Science Award for “Best Industry Collaboration with distribution partner Syngenta.”

In 2019, BSI launched an innovative botanical-based biofungicide extracted from a tree which grows in Chile known as the Quillaja saponaria. Deforestation laws in Chile limit the exploitation of these trees, so BSI innovated and patented a unique method of growing these trees in their own laboratories, and then extracting the active ingredient while the trees are in vitro … baby trees… producing a highly efficacious biofungicide. Syngenta agreed to distribute this new product throughout Chile.

Originally, the new product was so effective in controlling Botrytis that it was marketed in Chile under the trade name BotriStop®. Through BSI’s and Syngenta’s collaborative efforts in working with researchers and growers throughout Chile and other countries, and testing the new product on so many different fruits and vegetables, it was validated that the new product is equally effective in controlling other plant diseases in addition to Botrytis, including Sour Rot, Powdery Mildew, Alternaria, et al. Consequently, BSI and Syngenta decided to rename the product Quillibrium®…”Quill” for the tree Quillaja saponaria, and “librium” for the equilibrium the product imparts for protecting fruits and vegetables from diseases in a sustainable way. The two partners also decided to expand its distribution into Peru and Mexico where it is currently available. BSI is also testing Quillibrium® in the USA and other geographic regions.

BSI CEO Gastón Salinas declared, “Syngenta is a truly outstanding distribution partner. Thanks to the expertise and dedication of Syngenta’s technical, field staff and management team, their passion for effective and sustainable solutions, and their thoroughness in field testing, we have demonstrated that Quillibrium® is a great tool for designing highly efficacious integrated pest management strategies. We have tested and proven that Quillibrium® works especially well in rotation with Syngenta’s chemical pesticide products, helping to augment the efficacy of these products. Consequently, we’re happy and proud to share this ‘Best Industry Collaboration’ recognition with our Syngenta partners.”

Commenting on the BSI – Syngenta partnership, Syngenta’s Head of Global Biological Business Development Laszlo Laczko declared, “I am impressed by the innovative in vitro production and extraction process of BSI, as well as their future pipeline of botanical-based products. These products represent highly sustainable tools for growers because they are highly efficacious, easy-to-use, and have zero chemical residues. Our partnership is built on mutual trust and solid complementary expertise, where BSI delivered the product innovation and Syngenta took on the market development and commercialization.”

Syngenta Biologicals North America Business Lead Mark Jirak added, “BSI’s Quillibrium® has shown in trials to be an effective biofungicide to protect against major diseases in fruits and vegetables. When registered, it will be a welcome sustainable tool for US growers to use to keep their crops healthy.”

BSI’s Quillibrium® was also named by the Crop Science judges as ‘Finalist’ for the “Best New Biological Product of the Year,” and earlier this year BSI was awarded “Best Biotech Startup Business of The Year” by the World BioProtection Forum.

About BSI

BSI, a Delaware Corporation has a proprietary R&D platform for truly sustainable and improved production of consistent and high-quality Advanced Botanical Materials (ABM). ABM-01 is the first ABM produced by the company, based on a tissue cultured plant called Quillaja saponaria. ABM-01 is the active ingredient used in two gold standard products, BSI’s biopesticide Quillibrium® and the adjuvant QS-21, used in modern vaccine development. To learn more visit us at


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