ZUERICH, Switzerland–(BUSINESS WIRE)–$BRKR #BRKRBruker Corporation (Nasdaq: BRKR) today announced the SciY™ platform of advanced, vendor-agnostic software solutions for data analysis, data management, research lab and bioproduction QC digitalization, and workflow automation in the life science industry and for biopharma companies. The new SciY platform combines and integrates high-performance lab software solutions for a more comprehensive, vendor-agnostic suite of software and automation solutions for life-science industry customers, primarily in the biopharma sector.

SciY is being launched by Bruker’s new Integrated Data Solutions division, in close collaboration with majority-owned software companies Mestrelab Research, Arxspan, Optimal Industrial Technologies and ZONTAL, along with biopharma automation company Optimal Industrial Automation. With its innovative, modular software solutions, the SciY product platform will streamline data acquisition, integration and interpretation, and enhance the value of data in life-science and biopharma research, development and manufacturing.

SciY encompasses a software portfolio of Electronic Lab Notebook solutions, analytical chemistry and biology solutions, Process Analytical Technologies (PAT), and scientific data management. By automating and digitalizing workflows for generating, analyzing, and utilizing scientific data, customers can achieve results faster, more cost-effectively and conveniently, enabling better and faster decision-making, with high quality, compliance, and AI machine-learning.

Dr. Santi Dominguez, President of the new Bruker Integrated Data Solutions division, commented: “By developing and utilizing the synergetic capabilities of best-in-class teams and software products at Mestrelab, ZONTAL, Arxspan, and Optimal, our SciY platform is reshaping research and development activities in the biopharma and life science industries. The SciY platform of vendor-agnostic software solutions allows the integration of our customers’ physical laboratory instruments and automation hardware with their scientific research, development and manufacturing data into a digital environment to deliver maximum value with minimum effort and disruption. We are aiming to support our clients in their digitalization to drive seamless innovation for accelerating the time to market for new drugs, to automate life-science lab and manufacturing QC processes, and to support efficacy and patient safety.”

Dr. Falko Busse, President of the Bruker BioSpin Group, added: “With SciY and our commitment to provide instrument agnostic software for automation, integration, innovation, and discovery, we enable the life-science and biopharma industry collaboration, enhance the full potential of research data, and advance the digital transformation of the life-science industry. SciY provides many digital end-to-end solutions for life-science research and development, as well as manufacturing automation and QC.”

SciY is combining advanced software technologies into a set of modular solutions to support smooth chemistry and biology experimental design, data acquisition, integration and interpretation, and the management of many analytical instruments, available from various vendors.

About SciY™

SciY is a vendor-agnostic advanced platform offering a broad range of software solutions across the life sciences research, development and manufacturing automation and QC functions – easy to integrate, flexible, user-centric and uncompromisingly performant. By streamlining data analysis and management, SciY empowers scientists and researchers, accelerates scientific discoveries and enables precise decision-making. SciY is a brand of Bruker Integrated Data Solution division that was born from collaborations and majority-acquisitions of renowned vendor-agnostic software partners.

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