Bye bye 2021. Back in 2016, when we imagined for the first time, we were wondering what could have been the record for the magazine. In our dreams, the annual record was reaching two millions of readers. We got them in 2018. Therefore, in 2019 we fixed the objective to achieve three millions of readers. We reached four. For 2020, we fixed the objective at quote five millions, and we overpassed that number by 2 millions.

Traffic Trend by Day 01/01/2020 – 31/12/2020


Regarding the geographic of our readers, we confirmed our strong presence in USA, followed by France, UK, India, China, Germany, Canada, and Argentina.

Geographic of the readers


In addition to adding more and more readers, we were also able to increase our Alexa ranking moving from the 233,895 position in the world to the 197,720 world ranking at today. (Alexa analysis for Source: alexa).

Regarding our Alexa ranking in US, we are proud the have a better position. At toady, we are in the position 189,831. As for India, it is even better: 111,028.

TECH Valley: Who we are

We are a group of experienced professionals gathered together by the need of staying updated in the fast-growing environment of the Tech industry. We are constantly focused in identifying what REALLY MATTERS NOW keeping it simple for everyone without losing the fundamentals of New Technologies.

We love to say that we strive to deliver every day updated information, news, content, networking and synergy digital spaces, consulting services, and key relationships about what we consider “The Tech Essentials”. Basically, we say that we work for a better society.

During this year of pandemic, we were able to increase our annual sales, and to get to a financial stability. We experienced directly that time of crisis could be also be seen as opportunities.


In the course of a year, Tech Valley hosts events around the globe that combine digital media and live activations, as well as many other tech events. We offer a 360 degrees platform aimed at raising the brand awareness and the in-person and online visibility of our customers. We combine the following:

  1. Creation and development of Communications Strategies;
  2. Creation, Aggregation and filtering of contents;
  3. Creation of awareness campaigns (ex. the importance of reducing CO2 emissions…);
  4. Amplification of contents and campaigns through social media, including SEO analysis, SEO activities, etc.
  5. Amplification of contents and campaigns through live activations and events;
  6. Diffusion of contents and campaign through our digital magazines;
  7. Diffusion of contents and campaign through our Tech Magazine or through a tailored one;
  8. Design of tailored digital and live solutions to raise the global visibility of our customers.

Our plans for the future

We will still push the growth of, keeping the number 1 position all around the world. We are also connecting with different partners globally to introduce new languages to our magazine. In addition to that, we are also planning to apply all what we have learned on digital magazines to the development of other magazines including,, etc.

If you need more information/suggestions/willingness to create synergies, do not hesitate to get in touch with us at:

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