First-of-its-kind “AI for the rest of us” platform built for humans – not engineers – that’s trustworthy, customizable and social

NEW YORK–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Capitol AI, a cutting-edge artificial intelligence company, announced the public release of its AI-powered storytelling and information discovery platform. The software generates beautiful, media-rich narratives with a blend of open and proprietary sources that are trustworthy, customizable and social.


Capitol’s platform is fueled by a deep-seated desire to bring humanity to data and empower ‘the rest of us’ with a more trustworthy and approachable AI. Capitol’s proprietary algorithms and access to real-time data ground its AI on truth, yielding better results than foundation models on their own.


A core aspect of Capitol AI’s product is its ease of customization and iteration. Users can configure their stories’ tone, format, visual style, information source and more, addressing a wide range of human needs and preferences. Beyond that users can upload their own sources and content to create stories that go beyond what’s available publicly.

Capitol’s Go Deeper function allows users to further customize content by exploring topics within topics. A story about a current event might expand to include historical context, explanation of terms or a timeline.


Acknowledging the innate human desire to share stories, Capitol AI enables users to share their narratives publicly on the platform. This social aspect not only promotes collaborative learning but also invites communal interaction with the content, transforming AI from an individual activity to a community-driven experience.

Our product goes beyond mere information retrieval,” said Shaun Modi, CEO of Capitol AI. “By integrating the timeless art of storytelling with cutting-edge AI, we empower our users to weave captivating narratives that blend text, visualization, and data. Capitol AI is a tool to help you think critically instead of regurgitating information.”

The applications of Capitol AI are vast – from academic use cases to revolutionizing professional industries. As students and professionals alike delve deeper into data-driven narratives, Capitol AI stands poised to redefine the storytelling experience.

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About Capitol AI:

Capitol AI combines the power of artificial intelligence with storytelling to change how people research, analyze, and consume information. Capitol produces hard-hitting, interactive narratives from a blend of open-source and proprietary information sources.

Capitol AI was founded by Shaun Modi, a founding member of Airbnb’s product design team, and Tom Hallaran, previously the Director of GSA’s Artificial Intelligence Center of Excellence. Learn more and craft your story at