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Digital blockchain networks appear to be following Metcalfe’s Law

Researcher Dr. Ken Alabi from Stony Brook University made an analysis of some of the recent blockchain networks to determine if they satisfy Metcalfe’s Law, as has been shown for some online social media...

Digital Inclusion is the Key to Getting Women Bank Accounts

By Jihii Jolly, Editor at News Deeply.com Economic empowerment for women is inextricably linked to sustainable development. Experts say it’s an essential part of the fight for gender equality, autonomy and eliminating violence against women,...

Bestselling Fintech Book Series is crowd-sourcing for its latest WILEY publication, The PAYTECH Book

London, 27 September 2018: FINTECH Circle kick-starts the crowd-sourcing process for global co-authors to develop The PAYTECH Book, the forth of a bestselling series of FinTech books with chapters written by experts from leading...
Open Banking

Open banking’s next wave: Perspectives from three fintech CEOs

By Laura Brodsky, Chris Ip, and Tobias Lundberg The notion of open banking has been central to financial services dialogue for many months, fueled in part by the buildup to the EU’s revised Payment Services...

6 Best programming languages for FinTech

According to HackerRank, the six best programming languages for FinTech and finance are Python, Java, C++, C#, C, and Ruby. But don’t think that Python is the best solution just because it’s number one on...

El Fintech Forum de Forinvest cierra su primera edición con un éxito tremendo

FORINVEST 2018 ha celebrado su cerrado las puertas de su undécima edición en Feria de Valencia con la intervención de Irene Garrido Valenzuela, Secretaria de Estado de Economía y Apoyo a la Empresa. Este...

La ‘fuga de cerebros’ de directivos de la banca tradicional al sector FinTech

El enorme crecimiento del sector FinTech a lo largo de los últimos años viene explicado en gran medida por la ventaja competitiva que representa la implementación de la innovación tecnológica en el ámbito financiero...

Los españoles, más conectados a las redes sociales que sus vecinos europeos

El uso de las redes sociales en España experimenta un "crecimiento brutal": los internautas españoles se conectan cada semana a una media de 6,2 plataformas sociales, una cifra superior a las 5,4 de sus...

The Fintech100 – Announcing the world’s leading fintech innovators for 2017

China fintechs take the top three rankings, five of the top ten SINGAPORE, Nov. 15, 2017 /PRNewswire/ - Fintech Innovators, a collaboration between fintech investment firm H2 Ventures and KPMG Fintech, today announced the 2017...
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