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Tuesday, January 22, 2019


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Blockchain Nation

France to Turn into ‘Blockchain Nation’ by Investing 500M Euros in the Technology

BY DARIA RUD France is on its way to becoming a blockchain nation. In September, the French authorities accepted the legal ICO framework drafted in early 2018.  Dedicated...
Financial Regulation

NEO Founder: “Blockchain Can Barely Survive Within the Existing Financial Regulation System”

By Jose Antonio Lanz Da Hongfei, Founder of NEO —the blockchain known as the Chinese Ethereum— was recently interviewed on the Project’s official blog on the occasion...
Israel Crypto

‘Not recommended’: Bank of Israel publishes report on central bank crypto

BY ED DRAKE The Bank of Israel (BOI) has published its findings following an investigation into the feasibility of issuing digital currency, and whether blockchain technology should...
What Blockchain

What is Blockchain and What Can It Do?

  The rapid emergence and implementation of a decentralised public ledger allowing peer-to-peer transactions without the trusted middleman, has unearthed countless uses for any system...
Blockchain Cybersecurity

How to fight the fraud crisis through blockchain and self-sovereign identity

By John Ainsworth The headlines keep coming with alarming frequency as are the bank alarms themselves: Earlier this month, HSBC acknowledged that the data of...
Fintech Revolution

Executive Claims That The Ongoing Chinese Fintech Revolution Could Potentially Be A ‘Big Risk’...

By  Shiraz With the number of fintech companies setting up base in China increasing with each passing day, many business analysts have started to become worried about how...
Canadian Banks

Canadian banks hire ‘ethical hackers’ to improve and test cybersecurity

  Hackers are targeting Toronto-Dominion Bank's internal systems at all hours using cutting-edge techniques, but the bank's head of cybersecurity isn't losing sleep over them...
Crypto Wallet

Blockchain tech will not push fiat currencies aside anytime soon

By NASTASSIA ARENDSE Wide adoption of blockchain technology for a cryptocurrency payments system is intriguing but decades away, says the Reserve Bank. This effectively means SA’s...
Implementations AI

Implementations of Artificial Intelligence in 2019

By  Supriya R “Data will talk to you, if you‘re willing to listen to it” says a wise quote by Jim Bergeson. Thanks to the Internet,...
Securing Cryptocurrency

All You Need to Know About Securing Your Cryptocurrencies

By Rameez Ramzan Cryptocurrencies can be challenging to understand and utilize for some people. Keeping them secure from hacking and other malicious activities is another...
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