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China Blockchain

Forget Bitcoin, this is How China Plans to Dominate the $102 Trillion Blockchain Space

By  Dalmas Ngetich No doubt, blockchain is spawning a new movement that is disruptive to traditional tech companies. The new age of blockchain is what crypto...
Yellen Bitcoin


By Pat Rabbitte Speaking at the Canada Fintech Forum in Montreal on Monday, Ex-Federal Reserve Chair, Janet Yellen slated cryptocurrency Bitcoin.  Her criticisms were in the same vein...
Blockchain Platform

Blockchain Platform Backed by Oil and Banking Giants Goes Live

 By Anatol Antonovici UK-based blockchain venture VAKT launched its commodity trading platform this Wednesday, shareholder Gunvor Group told Reuters. Currently, the platform focuses on oil trading, allowing companies that physically...
Data Analytics

AI, Robotics and Data Analytics Makes the Banking Industry Ripe for Change

by Karen Kesner Artificial intelligence, robotics and big data are often talked about with reference to futuristic dystopian visions, but their near-term usefulness can be clearly seen in...
Partnership Ultradata

Community First Credit Union extends long-term partnership with Ultradata

  Melbourne, December 21 2018, Ultradata Australia Pty Ltd announced today that Community First Credit Union have extended their long-term partnership with Ultradata for the...
Cryptocurrency Crime

Black Markets, Fraud, and Money Laundering: How Much Are Cryptocurrencies Used For Crime?

BY DANICA SERGISON At the FinTech Canada conference this August, leading cryptocurrency trial attorney Brian Klein gave an excellent overview of how cryptocurrencies have been used for illegal purposes and what law...
Finland Digital

Exclusive: Inside Finland’s digital revolution

By Chia Jie Lin In a government office in Finland, 28 employees are working alongside 18 robots to trial a new way of working. Finland is one...
Bank Siena

How banks are facing the digital disruption?

  The business model have changed for banks.  A combination of factors, mainly regulatory and technological, have generated, according with a study from Forbes, four...
Blockchain Cybersecurity

BigTech is coming for the financial sector, and banks are starting to feel the...

  Until now that is. Rumors of Amazon expanding into financial services have been circulating for a while now, and at last Amazon-branded credit cards have hit the...
AI Challenge

How AI Will Challenge Small Banks to Innovate

  Artificial intelligence promises to change customer relationships with banks. As more customers bring devices such as Amazon’s Alexa and Google Home into their residences, forward-looking banks can...
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