Cryptocurrencies - Cool, So What?

Elyse explores the origin of the cryptocurrency in the midst of the Global Financial Crisis, and discusses the economic implications of such a widely heard term, but rarely understood system, in a post-GFC economic climate, and its potential impacts on the developing world. Elyse Barg is a high-school student with an insatiable sense of curiosity and a solid internet connection. Growing up between her hometown of Sydney and the transient international community in Singapore, Elyse has seen firsthand how small decisions have big implications and has learned that no concept can be fully understood in isolation.

She holds a firm belief that economic inequality is one of the biggest divisions in our world today, preventing marginalised communities from achieving their full potential and amplifying the struggles against gender and race-based discrimination. This belief has fuelled her passion for learning about the world of economics and inspired her to enable and promote financial literacy. A thriving school community and a loving family have encouraged her to make the most of the opportunities given to her.

She hopes that she can continue to pursue these objectives in the years to come and make a tangible difference for the communities that she will serve. This talk was given at a TEDx event using the TED conference format but independently organized by a local community. Learn more at