Deloitte and All Street Research report:

Extract from the report: Connecting the global FinTech Community.

Global FinTech continues to grow at a breathtaking pace with new entrepreneurs, investors and regional hub ecosystems emerging on a regular basis. Digital is truly global.


With low technology barriers to developing new applications for widespread use, and mass adoption becoming the norm in many other industries, it is now the time for FinTech. Investors are increasingly global in their focus and how they access investments across the world. Through new platforms and approaches to syndication, angel investors now access the same opportunities and ways to invest as institutions. Talent and teams are more globally mobile than they have ever been. It is not unheard of having small startups working across many different countries and cultures.

It seemed natural for us to connect up all of the regional hub ecosystems to help support the growth of entrepreneurs and investors globally. In partnership, Innotribe and Innovate Finance have launched the Global FinTech Hubs Federation (GFHF), to bring together the established and emerging FinTech hubs globally and help foster innovation and collaboration around the world. This report is the first deliverable of the federation which puts a spotlight on 21 hubs operating worldwide.

The federation provides a cross border and open platform for global FinTech players to share knowledge and build a global network. We want to encourage global engagement, best practices, and knowledge sharing, as well as build bridges between all FinTech hubs for entrepreneurs and investors to connect.


Coordination and true collaboration between emerging FinTech startups, established FinTech companies, financial institutions, technology providers, and policy makers remains key for the long-term success of FinTech. FinTech has come a long way and it will continue to grow in both volume and influence. With the GFHF Hubs, we have created a powerful community.