NEW YORK–(BUSINESS WIRE)–$DCR #bitcoin$DCR #DecredNext — Decred-Next (DCRN) is thrilled to announce a $20,000 DCRN Airdrop event as it successfully completed its hard fork earlier this month. The entry for the airdrop will be closed by June 30 (UTC) with more details available via the link ( ).

While retaining key features such as high security, strong adaptability, and sustainable development of main chain Decred, DCRN plans to integrate EVM, sharding, OmniLayer protocol, and other functions in the future to create a unique, prosperous, and robust ecosystem. With improvement in the efficiency of Decred, the forked chain will be able to support more practical use cases while uplifting the market’s recognition of Decred.

Fork: A solution to challenges

In responding to the changing needs of blockchain, it is believed that forking Decred is the most responsible choice to preserve its value while embracing the increasing trends of GameFi, NFT, Web3.0, and more.

After the completion of the hard fork on June 8, DCRN will focus on the compatibility with EVM to support a wide range of application scenarios with high performance, safety and other features of existing EVM. Users can use Solidity to develop smart contracts in a quick and efficient manner, and existing projects on ETH can be accessed seamlessly. As it integrates the sharding technology, DCRN will be more efficient than Decred in processing transactions while reducing computation and storage redundancy. The performance and scalability will be greatly improved accordingly. Besides, DCRN will integrate the OmniLayer protocol, allowing users to easily issue NFTs and digital currencies afterwards.

Forking Decred will not only maintain its balanced innovative PoW/PoS hybrid but also embrace essential technologies to boost the technological prowess of the main chain, which in return can improve the efficiency of Decred and bring in more practical use cases to its ecosystem.

About Decred-Next

Decred-Next, or DCRN, is the hard fork of Decred which was launched in 2016 by former Bitcoin developers. The birth of DCRN is a response to adapt to the rapid development of the blockchain industry and embrace popular trends of GameFi, NFT, and Web3.0. DCRN aims to attract more users and developers with its dynamic ecosystems while providing them with more functions through its three major features of the compatibility with EVM, sharding, and OmniLayer protocol to create a unique, prosperous, and robust DCRN ecosystem together.

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