Personalized Data-Driven Sleep Solutions Based on Sleep Research & DeRUCCI’s AI Algorithms

First AI Mattress Combined with Adjustable Bed, Smart Pillows, Optimal Sleep Medicine Center, and AI Rapid Sleep Systems to Combat Insomnia & Snoring

DONGGUAN, China–(BUSINESS WIRE)–The DeRUCCI Group, a leading public company and sleep technology brand, launched today the DeRUCCI Smart Sleep Line of Artificial Intelligence of Things (AIoT) sleep health solutions. Based on extensive international AI and sleep research conducted with universities and institutions, DeRUCCI has created an intelligent sleep health ecosystem featuring DeRUCCI’s proprietary AI algorithms and technologies for smart products, including AI mattresses combined with adjustable beds, AI rapid sleep systems, smart adjustable beds, medical-grade AI Rapid Sleep Systems to combat insomnia up to 69.7%, Smart Pillows for snoring relief up to 89%, and Optimal Sleep Medicine Centers that monitor sleep health.

First AI Mattress Combined with Adjustable Bed

DeRUCCI has pioneered the development of smart mattresses with its new AI Tidal Algorithm. Leveraging the company’s research in ergonomics, AI, and big data, including BMI, sleeping positions, pressure distribution, height, and firmness, DeRUCCI’s AI algorithm enables the mattress to adapt to pressure curves in real-time on a person’s shoulders, waist, and more for a 40% improvement in spinal health. The AI technology analyzes and makes adjustments independently on both sides of the mattress without interfering with the other partner, adapting to individuals’ needs.

DeRUCCI has collaborated internationally with top research institutes and universities, including Northwestern Polytechnical University, the Chinese Sleep Research Association, the Chinese Sleep Big Data Center, Sun Yat-sen University, Beihang University, and The Chinese University of Hong Kong; integrating scientific research into DeRUCCI’s sleep AI products. The DeRUCCI Smart Sleep Line will be available starting October 2023. Info:

About DeRUCCI – “Let People Sleep Better”

Guided by its mission: “Let people sleep better,” DeRUCCI is a public company (SZSE: 001323) founded in 2004, dedicated to intelligent sleep health systems based on scientific research. Collaborating with renowned international research and medical organizations, DeRUCCI’s Smart Sleep has launched 12 AI smart mattresses.

DeRUCCI has 5,700 stores in 17 countries/regions selling mattresses, bed frames, dining sets, sofas, and massage chairs. DeRUCCI has collaborated with internationally renowned designers to incorporate cutting-edge international design concepts. Info:



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