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In a rapidly changing digital environment, high street Banks, challenger Banks, even Fintechs, very often wonder:

  • Who else offers this function or transaction? Better or worse than me?
  • How do I compare to my local competitors? To international Banks?
  • What is my positioning among my local competitors?
  • How are the other Banks positioned in the market?

Difficult, if not impossible, to answer the above at any given time. Recently we came across a research tool, called “FinTech Insights” (FI), developed by Scientia Consulting. It records and analyzes every function and transaction of digital banking offerings, of main Banks, challenger ones as well as FinTechs. With all possible media and channels they offer: web, iOS, android, tablet, wearables. This content is continually kept up-to-date and presented in graphical detail, together with short videos of actual usage.

It looks like we finally got answers to above questions.

FI is a subscription-based service, served from a cloud platform, addressing Banking and Fintech officials. It uses real Bank accounts for the analysis. A Bank gets a license to use it, that comes with a pair of credentials. FI analyzes, measures, compares and presents Banks from all their digital offering aspects, in both functionality and User Experience of a large number of use cases.

Also, FI positions Banks in in a “magic quadrant” that measures functionality vs. UX, so a Bank can stay up to date with competition and see how its positioning changes in its market. It is easy to check what other Banks do and how. It is also easy to build and maintain a roadmap for new product development, to catch up with the best in class.

Kostas Stivaros, Partner at Scientia

As Kostas Stivaros, Partner in Scientia says, “FI is the dashboard that Bank Execs want on their PC screens, easy to watch their digital competition, how they fare and positioned in the market”.

More info in the video and to obtain a license for your Bank request a demo from the link



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