Technology partnership creates Canada’s only digital, proactive, full circle estate management solution.

TORONTO–(BUSINESS WIRE)–#deathtech–Today, Estateably, Canada’s leading cloud-based estate administration platform for professionals, is pleased to announce its partnership with ReadyWhen, Canada’s only guided, centralized, and digital estate management platform, to offer their customers a unified estate management solution.

This unique partnership creates Canada’s only full circle estate management solution that will help estate executors and beneficiaries save countless hours and thousands of dollars when the inevitable happens. With this integration, information living in the deceased’s ReadyWhen account can flow seamlessly into Estateably’s platform, where all required documents for filing for probate can be generated with just a few clicks of a button.

ReadyWhen, with applications for both consumers and professionals, is a proactive life planning solution that guides users to enter essential information to manage and complete their estate. Estateably, a workflow and productivity tool, is utilized by legal professionals once the inevitable happens to settle an estate and carry it through probate, making life easier for the executor and family. By implementing this integrated solution, professionals and their executor clients can drastically reduce estate settlement times, which according to the Society of Trust and Estate Practitioners (STEP) Canada, currently takes two to three years on average.

“This partnership aligns strongly with our technology proposition of streamlining the estate administration process for professionals and their clients,” stated Ari Brojde, Co-Founder and CEO of Estateably. “Today, executors and surviving family members often need months to discover and assemble all the information and supporting documents required for probate. This integrated solution will make a significant impact for professionals and businesses, ultimately helping thousands of Canadians settle an estate through probate with ease and speed.”

Across the financial planning and legal verticals, end-of-life technology has been an afterthought. But this is rapidly changing as customers demand digital solutions that are affordable, accessible, and easy to use. “As a legal professional who has been practicing for over 15 years, the fact that we are now seeing the digitization of the legal industry is exciting. As a profession, we have moved slowly to adapt to the needs of our clients, and the partnership between ReadyWhen and Estateably represents a major step forward” says Jessie Vaid, Founder and CEO of ReadyWhen. “This partnership can help so many families save time and money, but from a business perspective it puts an easy-to-use solution right at their fingertips, helping to increase retention with both existing customers and the next generation.

About Estateably

Founded in 2018, Estateably develops cloud-based solutions for North American trust and estate practitioners. Its flagship product is an award-winning workflow and productivity tool that helps streamline estate administration by automating the filling of probate court forms and precedent letters, simplifying input of estate inventory and accounting, and enabling one-click reporting to estate stakeholders. Since its launch in January 2021, the platform is powering more than 300 firms’ estate and trust administration practices. For more information, visit

About ReadyWhen

Founded in 2019, ReadyWhen is Canada’s only holistic digital estate management platform. With applications for both consumers and professionals (financial and legal), its platform makes proactive planning simple, secure, and fast. For the consumer, there are guided journeys to ensure they can build, store, and share a complete estate plan. For the professional, there are tools to enable quick, efficient, and encrypted onboarding to help them save administrative time and costs. To learn more, please visit:



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