Digital Transformation with the Internet of Everything: 100 customer stories

By Cisco
For 30 years, Cisco has been committed to changin the way the world works, lives, plays and learns. We have helped the world connect to the Internet, embrace voice, video, and data communications and blend technology and business together in ways that many thought were impossible. Together with our partners, we have been able to help our
clients innovate, manage market transitions and turn technology into business advantage. Two years ago, we began a discussion about the next
wave of the Internet – a digitized world where the networked connections of people, process, data and things are brought together to unlock unprecedented business value. The power of the connections unlocks
new types of data and insight, and physical and virtual environments are blended seamlessly for greater business and societal outcomes. We called this new digital era the Internet of Everything. Now the term “digital” is everywhere – digita transformation, digital business, and digitization are
the key topics in nearly every technology or business conversation. While many are now defining what it means to be digital, very few have defined how industries, cities, and countries are becoming digital. Cisco and our partners have been working with innovative clients around the world to help them digitize. We are building and implementing digital roadmaps and transformations in industries from manufacturing to retail to government. We are helping countries transform the citizen experiences, banks reimagine the customer experience, and helping energy providers become more efficient. And we’re doing it today. We invite you to read the stories of 100 innovative companies who are using the Internet of Everything
to become digital. They are turning technology into business outcomes and are truly changing the way we work, live, play and learn.
Mike Riegel
VP, Internet of Everything
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