SAN FRANCISCO–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Dosis, a market leader in artificial intelligence-powered precision dosing, announced today the publication of two abstracts to be showcased at the American Society of Nephrology’s (ASN) Kidney Week 2022, taking place November 3-6 in Orlando, FL. The abstracts detail the results of statistical analyses performed on clinical data drawn from Strategic Anemia Advisor (SAA), Dosis’s flagship anemia management product.

One abstract, titled “Artificial Intelligence (AI) Tool Decreases Epoetin Beta (Mircera) Drug Exposure and Maintains Hemoglobin at Desired Levels,” analyzes clinical data from 2,116 patients receiving epoetin beta in 19 dialysis clinics. Mean monthly dose of epoetin beta fell 40% using SAA, from 140 micrograms per patient per month to 84 micrograms per patient per month. Patient hemoglobin averaged 10.7 grams per deciliter (g/dL) in both the control period and in Months 5-12 during SAA use. Results are shown in Figure 1. The full abstract can be accessed here.

The other abstract, titled “Discontinuation of Artificial Intelligence (AI) Tool for Anemia Management Results in Higher Drug Exposure, Lower Hemoglobin,” presents clinical data across a 3-year period from 855 patients receiving epoetin beta in 5 dialysis clinics located in the same geographic area. The analysis demonstrates a 50-66% reduction in mean monthly epoetin beta dosage in clinics that used SAA for dosing recommendations, compared to those that did not use SAA or discontinued SAA use during the analyzed period.

SAA use was left to the discretion of each clinic’s medical director. Two clinics used SAA over the full duration of the analyzed period, one clinic did not use SAA at all during the analyzed period, and the remaining two clinics discontinued use of SAA during the analyzed period. The two clinics that used SAA for the entire analyzed period had higher hemoglobin levels and 50-66% lower monthly doses of epoetin beta per patient than the clinic that did not use SAA at all. The two clinics that discontinued SAA use during the analyzed period saw hemoglobin levels fall by 0.6 g/dL and monthly epoetin beta dose per patient rise by 50-57%. Results are shown in Figure 2. The full abstract can be accessed here.

Kidney Week 2022 provides us with a unique opportunity to share the irreplaceable value our products deliver to the nephrology community,” said Shivrat Chhabra, Chief Executive Officer and co-founder of Dosis. “Rising costs in the current macroeconomic environment and the shift to value-based care are driving the need for precision medicine tools that maximize patient outcomes while reducing the cost of care. We offer kidney care providers the tools they need to get a step ahead of the competition in this shifting marketplace.”

SAA calculates and delivers a personalized dosing recommendation for each patient based on the patient’s past Erythropoiesis Stimulating Agent (ESA) doses, hemoglobin levels, and target hemoglobin range, helping manage their hemoglobin levels while reducing unnecessary ESA exposure and drug cost. SAA’s personalized dosing recommendations represent a generational leap in dosing efficiency when compared to conventional one-size-fits-all dosing approaches.

We are proud to present these results and believe they will drive continued adoption of AI-driven personalized dosing tools by the dialysis industry,” said Chhabra, with Dosis’s momentum continuing to accelerate after its announcement earlier this year of a nationwide implementation of SAA with a major U.S. dialysis provider.

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