FBS gives away signed FC Barcelona jerseys for playing penalty simulator game


FBS, the official trading partner of FC Barcelona since January 2020, launched a new contest called Barça Striker. It’s a motion game focused on scoring goals and winning gifts from the broker, ranging from trading goodies to a branded FC Barcelona jersey signed by its players. 

To date, most of the people all around the world are staying at home and looking for new exciting ways to spend their time. FBS, in turn, supports the initiative of social distancing to prevent CoViD-19 from spreading and offers all the football fans, traders, and other people to play the Barça Striker game. Become virtual players, win trading bonuses from FBS, and try to get the grand prize – a branded FC Barcelona jersey signed by its players several weeks ago, before the coronavirus crisis began.

In the Barça Striker promo, users are supposed to play a penalty simulator game and try to score prizes. At the end of the promotion, the participants need to share the game on Facebook to join a lucky draw for five branded jerseys.  

Steps to enroll

The promo is available for FBS clients and non-traders from March 30. To join, one needs to visit the promo page and register with email or via social networks. After that, they proceed to the homepage featuring the field, the ball, the goalpost with prizes, and the goalie. The task is to do a penalty shoot-out and try to strike as many awards as possible with five attempts. 

Note that at this point, you fight for FBS goodies. The next step is getting in the lottery shortlist for the main prize – the jersey. Your email will be added to this list automatically in case you finish the game and share it on Facebook. The winners will be announced during a lucky draw on April 9, April 22, May 4, May 14, and May 25. 

Prize fund

The goodies that you can win by scoring a goal include money prizes and exclusive VIP services for traders. Note that in the end, you’re allowed to choose only one of them – whichever you like most.

You can get:

  • $1, 2, 3, 5 to the trading account 
  • Green status in the Loyalty program. It gives you points for trading that you can later exchange for prizes ranging from hi-tech gadgets to Mercedes
  • Trade 100 Bonus – free $100 to the trading account meant for investment practice
  • Cashback up to $15 per lot
  • 100% deposit bonus that doubles any invested amount
  • 24/7 support for any related questions
  • Forex book with the essential trading information for beginners.

Stay at home – play the Barça Striker game!

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