• The patented Flueid Decision platform features a multi-tenant architecture that delivers greater control and security for clients over their transaction workflow.
  • Released in mid-2020, the Flueid Decision platform is the only independent system that embeds data and insights on title search decisions into core operating systems to fuel expedited decision-making across key milestones in the real estate life cycle.

AUSTIN, Texas–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Flueid, the leading independent technology company fueling digital real estate transactions, today announced the company was issued U.S. Patent 11,095,756 from the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office, which is related to its Flueid Decision (formerly Insurful) platform on August 17, 2021. The now-patented technology of the Flueid Decision platform centralizes and automates the title clearance decision in less than a minute. It is the only multi-tenant and agnostic system on the market, allowing it to embed into the core operating systems of point of sale (POS) platforms, lender operating systems (LOS), title production systems (TPS), servicing platforms and marketplaces, to drive integration and streamline workflows for all parties involved in the transaction.

First launched in mid-2020, the Flueid Decision platform is designed to compress the closing timeline by expediting and digitally enhancing the title search processes using traditional and nontraditional data sources, proprietary logic, and insights. Today, some of the nation’s top national underwriters, lenders, and digital service providers, among others, take advantage of Flueid Decision to reduce risk and advance transactional insight and efficiencies from start to finish, unlocking a much more on-demand transaction experience for consumers.

“For nearly 20 years, our leadership team has been on a journey to modernize the real estate transaction using data and technology,” said Peter Bowman, co-founder and CEO of Flueid. “Our goal is to deliver trusted digital decisions to our partners that don’t replace, but support, their businesses. That’s why we’ve created a truly independent, multi-tenant solution that can power multiple decisions and provide clients with greater visibility and choice in their workflows no matter where a partner sits within the transaction ecosystem.”

In addition to its multi-tenant framework, Flueid architected its decisioning platform with client data handing at the foundation of the product. The platform achieved SOC 2 Type 1 compliance in March 2021 and Type 2 compliance as of June 2021, validating its data security controls and best practices.

“We built Flueid from the ground up with security and data handling at our core, putting thought into the architecture and design to ensure it would support the control framework that allows the customer to control their own data,” added Peter Richter, co-founder and president of Flueid. “Our agnostic, multi-tenant platform allows for a unique, future-proof environment for each client. We then transfer ownership and management to each client to ensure their data, and their client’s data, are both physically and logistically separated from other clients or outside access.”

Flueid continues to enhance its Flueid Decision product to bring added capabilities online. This patent adds another milestone in the company’s vision of commercializing a digital solution for every market segment along the real estate journey, securely pushing decisions from end-to-end to deliver immediate certainty and a streamlined experience for everyone.

To learn more about Flueid, its products, services, or leadership team, please visit: https://www.flueid.com/.

About Flueid

Flueid is on a mission to make the rigid real estate process more fluid – fueling transactions using data and insights to make them easily flow from start to finish. The company’s goal is not to eliminate critical functions or best practices within the process, but to re-think them and make them smarter, digitally. Through its patented technology, the company has created a universal, digital solution for every market segment along the real estate journey, which has been adopted by major leading mortgage lending, servicing, settlement service, FinTech and PropTech partners, among others. Flueid is fueling every part of the real estate transaction to deliver immediate certainty to our clients and drastically reduce the time to close for consumers. For more information, please visit https://www.flueid.com/.


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