DUBLIN–(BUSINESS WIRE)–The “AI in Information and Communications Technology 2021-2026: AI and Cognitive Computing in Communications, Applications, Content, and Commerce” report has been added to ResearchAndMarkets.com’s offering.

This report assesses the AI in the ICT ecosystem including technologies, solutions and players. Application areas covered include marketing and business decision making, workplace automation, predictive analysis and forecasting, fraud detection and mitigation.

The report provides detailed forecasts globally, regionally, and across market segments from 2021 to 2026. The report also covers AI subset technologies, embedded in other technologies, and cognitive computing in key industry verticals.

While the opportunities for artificial intelligence in the information and communications technology industry are virtually limitless, we focus on a few key opportunities including AI in big data, chatbots, chipsets, cybersecurity, IoT, smart machines and robotics. AI is poised to fundamentally shift the Information and Communications Technology (ICT) industry as technologies such as Machine Learning, Natural Language Processing, Deep Learning, and others.

AI will dramatically enhance the performance of communications, apps, content, and digital commerce. AI will also drive new business models and create entirely new business opportunities as interfaces and efficiencies facilitate engagement that has been heretofore incomprehensible.

Many other industry verticals will be transformed through this evolution as ICT and digital technologies support many aspects of industry operations including supply chains, sales and marketing processes, product and service delivery and support models.

For example, we see particularly substantial impacts on the medical and bioinformatics as well as financial services segments. Workforce automation is an area that will affect many different industry verticals as AI greatly enhances workflow, processes, and accelerates the ROI for smart workplace investments.

Key Topics Covered:

1 Executive Summary

2 Introduction

2.1 Artificial Intelligence Overview

2.1.1 Intelligent Software Agent

2.1.2 Problem Solving

2.2.4 Practical Approaches to AI

2.2 Machine Learning

2.2.1 Supervised Learning

2.2.2 Unsupervised Learning

2.2.3 Semi-Supervised Learning

2.2.4 Reinforcement Learning

2.3 Deep Learning

2.3.1 Artificial Neural Networks

2.3.2 Artificial Neural Network Deployment

2.4 Cognitive Computing

2.5 AI Algorithms in Applications

2.5.1 Natural Language Processing

2.5.2 Machine Perception

2.5.3 Data Mining

2.5.4 Motion and Manipulation

2.6 Limitations and Challenges for AI Expansion

2.7 AI in Information and Communications Technology Industry

2.7.1 AI Market Drivers in ICT

2.7.2 Key AI Opportunities in ICT Artificial Intelligence and Big Data Artificial Intelligence in Chatbots and Virtual Private Assistants Artificial Intelligence in Chipsets and Microelectronics Artificial Intelligence and Cybersecurity Artificial Intelligence and Internet of Things Artificial Intelligence in Network Management and Optimization Artificial Intelligence in Smart Machines and Robotics

3 AI Intellectual Property Leadership by Country and Company

3.1 Global AI Patents

3.2 AI Patents by Leading Countries

3.3 Global Machine Learning Patents

3.4 Machine Learning Patents by Leading Countries

3.5 Machine Learning Patents by Leading Companies

3.6 Global Deep Learning Patents

3.7 Deep Learning Patents by Leading Countries

3.8 Global Cognitive Computing Patents

3.9 Cognitive Computing Patents by Leading Countries

3.10 AI and Cognitive Computing Innovation Leadership

4 AI in ICT Market Analysis and Forecasts 2021-2026

4.1 Global Markets for AI 2021-2026

4.2 Global Market for AI by Segment 2021-2026

4.3 Regional Markets for AI 2021-2026

4.4 AI Market by Key Application Area 2021-2026

4.4.1 AI Markets for Predictive Analysis and Forecasting 2021-2026

4.4.2 AI Market for Marketing and Business Decision Making 2021-2026

4.4.3 AI Market for Fraud Detection and Classification 2021-2026

4.4.4 AI Market for Workplace Automation 2021-2026

5 AI in Select Industry Verticals

5.1 Market for AI by Key Industry Verticals 2021-2026

5.1.1 AI Market for Internet-related Services and Products 2021-2026

5.1.2 AI Market for Telecommunications 2021-2026

5.1.3 AI Market for Medical and Bioinformatics 2021-2026

5.1.4 AI Market for Financial Services 2021-2026

5.1.5 AI Market for Manufacturing and Heavy Industries 2021-2026

5.2 AI in other Industry Verticals

6 AI in Major Market Segments

6.1 AI Market by Product Segment 2021-2026

6.2 Market for Embedded AI within other Technologies 2021-2026

6.2.1 AI Algorithms in Data Mining 2021-2026

6.2.2 AI in Machine Perception Technology 2021-2026

6.2.3 Market for AI Algorithms in Pattern Recognition Technology 2021-2026

6.2.4 Market for AI Algorithm in Intelligent Decision Support Systems Technology 2021-2026

6.2.5 Market for AI Algorithms in Natural Language Processing Technology 2021-2026

7 Important Corporate AI M&A

7.1 Apple Inc.

7.2 Facebook

7.3 Google

7.4 IBM

7.5 Microsoft

8 AI in ICT Use Cases

8.1 Verizon Uses AI and Machine Learning To Improve Performance

8.2 Deutche Telecom Uses AI

8.3 H2O.ai Use-cases in Telecommunications powered by AI

8.4 KDDI R&D Laboratories Inc., AI-assisted Automated Network Operation System

8.5 Telefonica AI Use Cases

8.6 Brighterion AI, Worldpay Use cases

9 AI in ICT Vendor Analysis

9.1 IBM Corporation

9.1.1 Company Overview

9.1.2 Recent Developments

9.2 Intel Corporation

9.3 Microsoft Corporation

9.4 Google Inc.

9.5 Baidu Inc.

9.6 H2O.ai

9.7 Hewlett Packard Enterprise

9.8 Apple Inc.

9.9 General Electric

9.10 LG Electronics

9.11 Digital Reasoning Systems Inc.

9.12 SparkCognition Inc.

9.13 Nuance Communications Inc.

9.14 InteliWISE

9.15 Facebook Inc.

9.16 Salesforce

9.17 Amazon Inc.

9.18 SK Telecom

9.19 motion.ai

9.20 PointGrab Ltd.

9.21 Tellmeplus

9.22 SAS Institute Inc.

9.23 AIBrian Inc.

9.24 Brighterion Inc.

9.25 General Vision Inc.

9.26 Sentient Technologies Holdings Limited

9.27 CloudMinds

9.28 Tend.ai

9.29 TensorFlow

9.30 Infosys Nia

9.31 Wipro HOLMES

9.32 Premonition

9.33 Rainbird

9.34 Ayasdi

9.35 MindMeld

9.36 Vital AI

9.37 KAI

9.38 Receptiviti

9.39 Meya

9.40 DigitalGenius

9.41 GoodAI

9.42 Vicarious

9.43 Agent.ai

9.44 X.ai

9.45 Zebra Medical Vision Inc.

9.46 Fair Isaac Corporation

9.47 Bigml Inc.

9.48 AT&T Speech API

9.49 Wit.ai

9.50 Diffbot

10 Summary and Recommendations

11 Appendix: Key AI in ICT Patents

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