Organizations can now get an accurate and targeted picture of their candidates’ behavior with an adaptive assessment that’s made for work

LOS ANGELES–(BUSINESS WIRE)–#CriteriaCriteria, a market-leading SaaS talent success platform, announced the release of Illustrait, a next-generation personality assessment. Illustrait enables organizations to quickly and precisely identify candidates with the competency potential required to succeed in their unique roles. The new behavioral assessment will join Criteria’s comprehensive portfolio of scientifically validated assessments across multiple dimensions including cognitive aptitude, emotional intelligence, risk, and skills.

“Illustrait gives a hyper-targeted, highly job-relevant way to assess your candidates’ workplace behaviors in a simple, brief candidate experience,” says Josh Millet, founder and CEO of Criteria. “Rather than asking candidates to complete questions that assess their general personality and preferences, Illustrait allows you to select and assess only those behaviors that relate to a particular job.”

When an organization uses Illustrait, Criteria will automatically identify the competencies required to perform in the job, using evidence-based recommendations from the US Department of Labor’s O*NET database (900+ jobs). Organizations also have the option to choose from Criteria’s extensive library of competencies to reflect the organization’s unique needs, capability frameworks, and culture.

How Illustrait works:

  • Illustrait is an intelligent assessment that adjusts the questions asked based on a candidate’s previous responses. This means that it can confidently and accurately assess each competency with fewer questions than more traditional assessments. It also employs advanced mechanisms that detect when candidates may be responding in an overly positive or inconsistent manner.
  • When candidates complete the brief assessment, the score report provides a clear and concise overview of their overall competency potential, the types of behaviors they’ll exhibit at work in the context of each competency, and a set of tailored interview questions.
  • The organization can choose to receive a Work Styles report that uses a universal behavioral framework to provide unique information about each candidate’s work styles, how they approach work and others, motivators, and tips for successful onboarding.
  • All reports are written in easy-to-understand language that provides targeted, practical information for all stakeholders, from the talent acquisition team to individual hiring managers. The organization can choose to send candidates valuable feedback about their workplace styles and strengths, and how they can leverage them more effectively in their professional life.

“We believe that Illustrait represents the future of behavioral assessments for hiring, because it focuses on the specific competencies that matter for a given job, and delivers it an adaptive, candidate friendly way,” says Millet. “This is one more step in helping organizations improve talent decision-making on a global scale.”


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Kristen Grossi