LONG BEACH, Calif.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–As an ever-increasing number of consumers and businesses embrace digital currencies, rehabilitation centers like Gratitude Lodge have also expanded payment options available to customers. In doing so, these businesses are enhancing payment flexibility and boosting competitiveness.

As of October 2021, Gratitude Lodge announced that it’s now accepting digital currencies as an alternative payment method for its rehabilitation services. The company is one of a few addiction and mental health treatment centers that accept cryptocurrency.

As such, customers can pay using a selected list of cryptos like Bitcoin. Increased interest and adoption of digital currencies influenced Gratitude Lodge’s decision to introduce this payment method. In addition, the decision prepares the company for the future.

Prominent companies like PayPal and MasterCard have embraced digital currencies. These trends signify the future role of cryptocurrencies in the global market. Many analysts believe that early adopters of digital currencies as an acceptable payment method will yield competitive advantage and position their businesses favorably in their sectors.

Making Rehab Services More Accessible

The management team at Gratitude Lodge expressed satisfaction that the new payment method will make addiction treatment services more accessible to the residents of Southern California. Millennials grappling with substance abuse problems can now take advantage of the changes to pay for rehab services using Bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies.

Staggering volumes of daily Bitcoin transactions demonstrate that digital currencies are here to stay and will soon play an integral role in the mainstream economy.

Accessibility to behavioral health services is critical to communities around the country, including the residents of Southern California. The introduction of cryptocurrencies as a payment option positions Gratitude Lodge on the leading edge of addiction care.

Providing access to high-quality care is one of Gratitude Lodge’s primary missions as it strives to cater to the needs of a diverse clientele. The center accepts insurance, credit card payments, and now cryptocurrencies for added convenience. Additionally, clients can also consider several financing options to benefit from rehabilitation services. Digital currencies bring a new dimension to these payment options.

Clients can now choose how they want to pay for behavioral treatment services. Ethereum and Bitcoin payments enable instantaneous transaction processing, expediting the admission process.

About Bitcoin and Ethereum

Bitcoin and Ethereum are undoubtedly the most common cryptocurrencies available on the market. These two currencies help businesses and consumers benefit from payment speed and increased transaction security. It’s no surprise that established businesses like Starbucks, Microsoft, and The Home Depot accept these currencies as a viable payment method.

As Bitcoin and Ethereum mature, they’ve become more credible, reliable, and secure. These characteristics are critical to boosting widespread acceptance in the mainstream economy. Companies like Gratitude Lodge are taking advantage of this maturity to offer clients cryptocurrencies as an alternative payment option.

On the other hand, these currencies are accessible from any region across the world and not limited to a single national jurisdiction. As such, Bitcoin and Ethereum are free from bureaucratic limitations associated with fiat currencies that fall under a central governing authority.

The ever-evolving nature of these currencies has helped them become more relevant. Cryptos evolve due to agreements on information exchange made by different parties. Peer-to-peer transactions make cryptocurrencies more accessible to people globally, thanks to the non-involvement of banks, governments, or other central authorities.

Another key benefit of digital currencies is that transaction processing is inexpensive, secure, highly confidential, and fast. Individuals can use these currencies without asking for permission from anyone since there are no gatekeepers.

In the early days, Bitcoin and Ethereum emerged as radically transformative alternative currencies powered by blockchain technology. However, they’ve evolved to become more stable and well-established.

The health sector is beginning to embrace digital currencies, in part, because of the confidential nature of transactions. Rehab facilities like Gratitude Lodge understand the need to maximize privacy protections for individuals enrolling in their rehabilitation centers.

For this reason, an ever-increasing number of behavioral health facilities are exploring cryptocurrencies as a payment method to ensure ultimate discretion for clients. Privacy is a major consideration when it comes to health matters, particularly mental health and addiction rehabilitation.

Gratitude Lodge Leads the Way

The facility is happy to maximize privacy protections and convenience for clients by introducing alternative payment methods. This initiative demonstrates the dynamic leadership at Gratitude Lodge.

Management at the facility believes that this move will help set the tone in the addiction treatment sector. In addition, it demonstrates the company’s commitment to respecting patient confidentiality. When patients pay using Bitcoin or Ethereum, they leverage privacy protections to keep the transaction confidential.

Cryptocurrency transactions protect a patient’s identity from scrutiny by medical, legal, financial, and employment systems. Thus, patients at Gratitude Lodge eliminate the need to worry about anyone uncovering addiction treatment transactions.

About Gratitude Lodge

Gratitude Lodge helps clients deal with drug addiction, mental disorders, and alcoholism. This treatment center operates from three locations in Southern California: two facilities in Newport Beach and one in Long Beach. It allows patients to opt for one of five rehabilitation programs to suit specific treatment needs.

Substance abuse detoxification is one of the key programs run by Gratitude Lodge to benefit individuals grappling with alcoholism or drug abuse. Patients can also opt to participate in sober living programs after departing the center to ensure long-term sobriety.

Additional programs operated by the facility include outpatient rehab, holistic therapy, and inpatient rehabilitation services. Its facilities are luxurious and dog friendly, providing residents an ideal environment to focus on getting better.

If you want to learn more about Gratitude Lodge’s mental health and addiction treatment services, call (800) 994-2184 or visit their website.


Alex Sadak, Director of Sales & Marketing

Gratitude Lodge