Healthcare App Economy Is Coming

The past decade has seen the rise and rise of the digital revolution. This has been accompanied by the use of smartphones and tablets in what is now referred to as the app economy. This transformation is seen business is done in just about everything.

There are also radical changes in the way people work and socialize, and companies like Google Amazon, Facebook, and even Uber are the ones running lives, creating structures that people rely on for their day to day activities.

The industry is motivated towards developing and modifying apps that eventually meet the needs of its users and many innovations and improvements keep coming. Most users of these apps are looking for not only convenience but efficiency as well. For such reasons, the app economy is forever shifting and altering to suit the needs of every industry under the sky. This includes healthcare.

From artificial intelligence to the Internet of Things, app developers have continued to ensure that every aspect of life is catered for. For instance, in the areas of healthcare, the app is innovated and modified to be able to learn, understand and make predictions based on interpretations by users.

Health care consumers can benefit a great deal from the app economy and this is how:

1. Greater and Improved Access to Healthcare

When it comes to healthcare consumerism, the app economy is seen as a convenient means by which patients can use these technologies. Apps will do away with a lot of complexities; for the long lines and lack of transparency, consumers are in for a pleasant surprise.

Patients are able to make hospital appointments, dental appointments with the Dentist in Turlock, see their lab test, as well as communicate with their doctors, from the palm of their hands and from the comfort of their homes.

As innovations continue to happen in the app industry, it also means doctors will have more information about their patients, while at the same time; this information is streaming from many sources. This allows the healthcare professional to have enough data to make critical interpretations as well as definite treatment options for their patients.

2. Improved Data Management

It is expected that with app economy in healthcare, a data-quake of inbound data is imminent. Information explosion from devices as well as sensors will create amazing prospects for healthcare practitioners and professionals.

This will result in the creation of companies focused on data management. In addition, there will be an establishment of call centers that have these professionals who will not only watch but manage and respond to the inbound data. The greatest beneficiaries will be the patients.

3. Increased Patient Safety

With the use of digital apps, patients have the tools to manage their own health. Instead of leaving the hospital with piles of paperwork amid exhaustion and with little memory of what to do with it once at home, these apps provide the needed ease of use and with a simple and beautiful designed UX, patients can find all the information in seconds.

All the information you need for fast and safe recovery are simply provided to you in an app which takes care of most tasks. For instance, apps will remind you of when to take your pills and how to monitor the side effects of the same pills.

The same digital apps can be used to schedule a doctor’s appointments. With such tools, you can tell if you if your doctor is running late and they can advise on what actions you can take as you wait.

Regardless of how the app economy is perceived now, it can easily be utilized to ease people’s lives. For instance apps on prescription can support constant wireless linked monitoring which will play a key role in spotting deteriorating conditions and create an instant alert.

In addition, these apps will greatly support the treatment of many diseases through remote monitoring as well as in modifying and transforming patients behavior for long-term prognosis.


Healthcare apps can also be instrumental in eliminating Medicare fraud. This is because apps have this great ability to track transactions over long periods. Over time, these records can be used to correlate all data to ascertain irregularities and cases of fraud. Continuous innovations and modification to the app economy simply mean that the healthcare apps are almost here. When they do take their rightful place, patients will be the clear winners.