Veriheal’s Anonymous National Survey Data Show Which Cannabis Product Categories Are Most Sought, Coupled With Patient Quality of Life Goals

DENVER–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Healthcare technology company Veriheal today announced findings from its annual Medical Cannabis Preference Report, a segmented survey of registered medical cannabis patients that illuminates which types of cannabis products are preferred by men and women and what product offerings patients most hope to see available in dispensaries.

Veriheal possesses the largest network of physicians in the medical cannabis space and helps patients book appointments for medical cannabis card certifications and wellness visits. The company drew data from 125,000 patient signups registered in 2021, surveying cannabis use preferences, user experience, medical conditions and several other variables which factor into their cannabis use.

The findings in the Report include a strong preference by men for cannabis flower over edibles, while women are more agnostic. However, roughly 30% of patients surveyed would prefer to see more edibles on the market, compared to an average of 21.5% of respondents who said they wished more flower were available.

Veriheal’s Report offers specificity of data at the intersection of health and cannabis that has historically been hard to come by.

“Veriheal seeks to give the patient community a voice, while also boosting research that helps cannabis companies make better, more tailored products and connect patients with the medicine they need,” said Anthony Dutcher, Veriheal CMO.

Other data findings touched on patient health goals. Men listed pain relief (69%) and relaxation (67%) most frequently, while women led with symptom relief of stress (72%) and pain (69%). Women were also more likely to utilize medical cannabis for sleep and nausea than men.

The full report can be accessed here.

About Veriheal

Veriheal is a healthcare technology company that is the largest facilitator of medical marijuana cards in the nation. Its mission is to educate and advocate on behalf of patients and secure their safe access to regulated medical cannabis products. The company has a culture of open communication and transparency with its clients, and operates as a concierge service to ensure HIPAA compliant connections between patients and physicians via its proprietary platform. Visit for more information.


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