HedgeGuard and Qredo partner to overcome crypto asset liquidity lockup


HedgeGuard is integrating with Qredo, a cross-chain liquidity protocol, to enable a set of industry-first trade capabilities for HedgeGuard’s customers. 

With $500M daily AUM, and 15 of the top cryptocurrency exchanges as clients, including Coinbase, Bitstamp and Kraken, HedgeGuard is the leading portfolio management system (PMS) for crypto and traditional asset managers. 

Qredo’s cross chain liquidity protocol offers a secure route into the digital asset ecosystem, enabling market participants to extend trade credit to each other based on the value of the assets stored in their self-managed or custodial wallet. 33 asset managers and hedge funds have joined the pilot program, along with five top tier cryptocurrency exchanges and two custodians. 

Together, Qredo and Hedgeguard support institutional access to digital assets, unlocking several key benefits: 

  • Broadcast liquidity to network participants without needing to lock, commit, or pre-fund digital assets to exchange wallets. 
  • Harness cross-chain liquidity to trade strategies not previously possible with crypto assets, including complex arbitrage across multiple blockchains and counterparties. Get rewarded with yield for supplying digital assets to liquidity pools. 
  • Make instant payments and take delivery of digital assets with no counterparty risk. Eliminate the threat of theft with decentralized custody secured by multi-party computation (MPC).

The joint solution is available to all HedgeGuard customers who are on current maintenance and support plans, and is configurable for self or managed custody. 

Traders and liquidity providers joining Qredo will receive pre-mined governance tokens that reduce trading costs and confer the opportunity to shape the future direction of the protocol. 

”​The selection of Qredo as our partner enables HedgeGuard to deliver industry-first trade credit without settlement or delivery risk to our customers. The integration of Qredo’s cross chain liquidity protocol will have a meaningful impact on our customer’s capital efficiency and profitability across our diverse client base.” — ​Imad Warde, CEO and Co-Founder of HedgeGuard 

“Qredo unites liquidity across blockchains ensuring interoperability, reducing slippage, lowering fees, and speeding up transactions. By partnering with leading crypto portfolio management system HedgeGuard, Qredo can deliver value on both the buy-side and sell-side – enhancing the value of Qredo and Hedgeguard’s network for all participants.” — Brian Spector, Chief Product Officer and Co-Founder at Qredo.

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