How did One Ordinary Guy scoop a 1 BTC prize?

Crypto Gaming expert Ryan Shields had become the first winner to get a free BTC prize over a super group of passionate crypto folks all doing heroic things for the cryptommunity.

And FortuneJack is where the cryptommunity gets its game on. Ryan is no stranger to being a part of the cryptommunity. Way back in 2015 in Boston, Ryan turned to crypto for the first time when he came across the Fortunejack website, and like so many before and since, saw the upsides of Bitcoin in gaming.

Ryan has been hooked to crypto technology ever since. That passion for Bitcoin is what inspired Ryan’s prize winning project: Bitcoin Gaming Online. It goes without saying that FortuneJack knows a thing or two about particular subject, and were blown away by the superlative quality of Ryan’s site.

“If there is a crypto platform online, and it’s not on my site, there’s a reason for it.” Says Ryan. “I spend a couple hours after work whenever I have the time. I’ll test out new games, seeing if they withdraw winnings properly, their promotion bonus terms, hidden rules, stuff like that.”

Keeping cryto-gaming on the level is of benefit to the whole crypotommunity, and his dedication to the cause won Ryan the 1BTC JACKMATE prize, the very first given in FortuneJack’s new monthly giveaway.

Ryan has big plans for his 1 BTC winnings. As a current resident of the North-eastern seaboard and it’s chilly winter weather, he sees a vacation to sunny Florida in his very near future. But like all dedicated members of the cryptommunity, Ryan’s first priority is to double down on his involvement in crypto gaming.

“There’s still so much I want to add to Bitcoin Gaming Online, like a list of all the different coins with their descriptions, and actual player reviews. I will certainly use some of the BTC to hire some designers to make my platform more attractive.”

“I believe the future of cryptocurrency will only continue to grow in popularity.” Ryan Shields is not alone in that belief, for a cryptocurrency revolution that, even as a tough early 2018 is evening out, is still set to increase hugely in value.

“It’s an exciting time for blockchain technology, and watching it become incorporated in daily life. Everyday I read about massive corporations like Microsoft, Overstock, even Google, testing the tech and figuring out how to incorporate it into their platforms, it’s really cool to see.”

HUGE congratulations to inaugural winner Ryan Shields. Will your name be next in the JACKMATE Hall of Fame?


Make an impact on the Cryptommunity online or offline, share it on Twitter with the hashtag #JACKMATE, and join FortuneJack’s Official Discord Channel to let us know you’re in the running. That’s all you have to do, and we could send you 1 BTC for it.