Partnership with Powerlytics will enable integration of anonymized Consumer and Business tax data into its patent-pending algorithms

RICHARDSON, Texas–(BUSINESS WIRE)–#T32022–InterGen Data, Inc. today announced a partnership with Powerlytics which will further enhance its ability to help banks, insurance and financial services companies empower their customers with a better understanding of potential life events and their corresponding financial impacts. As part of this partnership, Intergen Data will integrate Powerlytics fully anonymized Consumer and Business tax data to improve the accuracy of its Patent-Pending Life Stage/Life Event algorithms “LS/LE.”

“As we have seen with the pandemic, unexpected events can have a significant impact on financial plans and it is critical that our financial services clients are well-positioned to deliver the right information and advice to the right client at the right time,” said Robert J. Kirk CEO of InterGen Data. Kirk added, “having access to the unique insights from Powerlytics data will allow us to further enhance our prediction models to better understand what’s relevant to each person based upon where they live.”

InterGen Data, Inc. currently predicts 93 individual Life Events in two basic categories: Health and Wealth. These events include but are not limited to the following: Wealth (Marriages, Divorce, Cars, Homes, Children, Business, etc.) and Health (27 types of Cancer, 21 types of Heart issues, Brain, and Organ illnesses, etc.). InterGen Data can predict 12 wealth related life events with as little as 7 non personally identifiable information “PII” attributes and can predict 81 chronic illness events with 18 additional data attributes. Once modeled, the data produced includes information about what events are likely to happen, the year that these events have the highest probability of occurrence, and how much they could potentially impact one’s financial future (inflation adjusted expenses).

Powerlytics’ anonymized tax data includes a robust financial profile of over 150 million households and 200 million adults along with over 33 million businesses and 35 million locations. “We are excited to partner with InterGen Data to further enhance their life event prediction models.” said Kevin Sheetz CEO of Powerlytics. “Our data provides a uniquely deep financial profile of any US consumer or business and consistently drives improved marketing and risk outcomes for our customers. We look forward to seeing our proprietary data leveraged to help consumers realize a more predictable and better financial future.”

About InterGen Data, Inc.

InterGen Data, Inc. (InterGen Data) was founded by the financial services industry veteran Robert J. Kirk in December 2017. InterGen Data is an award-winning Life Event Data provider that uses the latest in predictive modeling techniques and patent pending proprietary algorithms that identify when someone is likely to have an important life event occur, what that event could be, and how much of an economic impact that it would have on their financial journey. They supply this data to banks, financial services, and insurance companies.

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About Powerlytics

Powerlytics provides the most comprehensive, accurate and granular consumer and business financial data available in the U.S. Our proprietary big data analytics platform analyzes anonymized financial information from publicly available U.S. government sources and reconstructs it into easily understood and actionable financial information that provide a comprehensive financial view of the over 200 million adults and 33 million businesses that comprise the American economy. Major U.S. corporations and financial services providers are using Powerlytics’ data to stay on the cutting edge with predictive analytics, frictionless verification and estimation of consumer income and business revenue, manage risk with both individual business and consumer customers and portfolios, discover potential markets, develop digital marketing campaigns, benchmark performance, enhance both business and consumer target marketing. Visit for more information.

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