Just Cashflow offers Invoice Finance facilities with Optimum Finance


Just Cashflow will now be offering new and existing customers a full range of Invoice Finance facilities through a mutually beneficial relationship with Optimum Finance.

Chief Commercial Officer, Martine Catton explains, “Businesses emerging from a post COVID world are going to need access to the most appropriate financial products so it’s important that lenders like ourselves can provide this.

“Businesses are waiting to see if they will qualify for the latest government backed loan schemes but often fail to appreciate they can access hundreds of billions of pounds trapped in unpaid invoices.”

In return Optimum Finance will now be able to offer its customers access to Just Cashflow’s range of flexible finance facilities that include its popular Revolving Credit Facility that operates in exactly the same way as a traditional bank overdraft.

This is one of the first initiatives following the round table discussion, Can Invoice Finance Save the Day? Getting Businesses Back on Track in 2021, hosted in mid-May by Optimum Finance. The event brought together leaders and experts from the wider business finance industry to discuss the importance of invoice finance and how this source of funding could be used to help the SME community bounce back after the COVID-19 recession.

Optimum Finance’s CEO Ant Persse says “As government led support initiatives phase out and repayments of facilities provided fall due, businesses will need support more than ever. We are passionate about supporting SMEs getting back on their feet as we emerge from this crisis, and we know we are not the only ones.

“Working collaboratively with complementary financiers that share this passion, such as Just Cashflow, is an obvious and fantastic next step. Between us we will be able to offer a suite of solutions that can support the SME community with access to much needed liquidity while still offering the choice and flexibility that so many businesses want”.

Martine Catton adds, “Our aim is to ensure that SMEs get access to the appropriate product, or combination of products, that are tailored to deal with their particular circumstances. Gone are the days when lenders can adopt a one size fits all approach. Mutually beneficial relationships like the one we have entered into with Optimum Finance are going to be needed if we are delivering on putting the customer first.

“Commercial Brokers will also welcome this approach because they will find a lender is able to provide exactly what their client needs without having to involve a number of different parties.”

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