Partnering together, Kahuna and Dozuki will help manufacturing organizations train their workforces and develop the right skills for the future

HOUSTON–(BUSINESS WIRE)–#HRTechKahuna and Dozuki announce a new partnership, combining Kahuna’s modern skills management platform with Dozuki’s standard work instruction software to offer a full life-cycle approach to training, skills development, and safety for manufacturing companies.

A McKinsey study explains that as manufacturing organizations focus on bridging the skills gap within their workforce, they’re placing more emphasis on multi-skilling workers, boosting employee performance, and retaining their talent. Dozuki’s solution for training documentation allows users to capture expert knowledge, communicate standards, build training, and analyze results within one platform. Kahuna uses validated skills data from multiple sources to inform companies of their workforce capabilities and to align their talent supply against current and future demand.

“As automation and regulation bring an unprecedented level of change to manufacturing environments, it is imperative that companies adapt their workforces efficiently to remain competitive. We are excited about finding a partner in Dozuki that is committed to developing the workforce of the future,” says Jai Shah, Co-founder, and CEO at Kahuna. “Supporting skill development with world-class procedural documentation will ensure our customers’ operations stay reliable, efficient, and safe.”

“Kahuna is uniquely suited to today’s industrial environment, which is increasingly reliant on rapid scaling of expertise across facilities,” says Eric Doster, Dozuki Co-founder, and CEO. “When combined with Dozuki’s strong focus on knowledge management and continuous improvement, customers now have a streamlined path towards easily-managed training at scale. It’s a YouTube generation and the industry needs to adapt appropriately: making the teaching of skills fast and effective is job number one. But with Kahuna, we can now also empower those modern companies to manage current demand as well as intelligently plan for future workforce needs.”

Kahuna and Dozuki’s joint solution enables efficient and effective upskilling, reskilling, or first-time training for employees. With validated skills data, organizations can direct employees to the proper training exactly where their work happens ultimately increasing productivity and standardizing operations.

About Dozuki

Dozuki, headquartered in San Luis Obispo, CA is a software platform that focuses on empowering manufacturers to implement standardized procedures in support of their continuous improvement efforts. This new approach from Dozuki is making digital transformation and employee training approachable for operations of all sizes by offering an easy to use, intuitive interface. Learn more at

About Kahuna Workforce Solutions

Kahuna Workforce Solutions is transforming competency management and workforce planning. Our flagship Kahuna platform helps organizations gain an objective view of their workforce’s capabilities, measure talent supply against current and future demand, and maximize the return on training investment. Kahuna is used in a wide array of industries including oil and gas, healthcare, manufacturing, construction, and aerospace. For information visit


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Director of Marketing