Genome Perspective provides an innovative human/AI hybrid solution to rapidly accelerate project brief creation and bypass mundane, repetitive aspects of the process

TORONTO & NEW YORK–(BUSINESS WIRE)–#GenomePerspectiveKlick Health today announced Genome Perspective, the first artificial intelligence (AI) tool to be developed by an advertising agency to expedite project planning and increase the efficiency and velocity of delivery to clients.

Built on GPT-4, Genome Perspective pulls from a proprietary database of hundreds of questions that Klickster experts have asked repeatedly over the years during project planning. The questions are hierarchically arranged and the tool is sophisticated enough to traverse through only those that are relevant to the specific project.

Unlike other generative AI tools, which only generate new content, Genome Perspective was created to understand content and advance it in a practical way. It can communicate and coordinate information across various agency team members to help create comprehensive, multidisciplinary project scopes and briefs for clients in a fraction of the time it takes most agencies. It is currently being piloted with a small group of Klicksters.

Bringing an AI Aha! Moment to Life

Coordinating multidisciplinary efforts can be a challenge for any agency. For one like Klick that’s 100-percent focussed in life sciences and offers a wide range of specialized solutions, such as Medical, Payer, Health Economics and Outcomes Research (HEOR), and Real World Evidence (RWE), beyond traditional agency offerings like Strategy, Branding, Media, Creative, and other more traditional agency crafts, the challenge is even greater. In addition, a significant portion of project alignment effort tends to be repetitive in nature, which can feel like a groundhog-day experience for account-level craft leadership.

“We saw these groundhog-day tasks as prime candidates for AI-based automation,” said Klick Co-Founder Aaron Goldstein. “Leaning into our 26-year history of internal work data and project experience, we developed AI-driven representatives of each department to expedite a comprehensive first-pass review of briefs, scopes, and other project documents. Using generative AI to create AI representatives for team leads wasn’t the most obvious application of the technology, but it is proving to provide them tremendous support and value in project planning.”

Curt Basher, SVP of Information Systems added, “We think Genome Perspective will help us hybridize our internal conversation process, move more efficiently, and provide better service to our clients. It will help automate the repetitive, unrewarding aspects of a team member’s job so they can focus on the parts that provide the most value to our clients and that they enjoy most.”

How Genome Perspective Works:

  1. At the beginning of each project, Genome Perspective ingests hundreds of standard questions that team members have explicitly or implicitly asked about the project type over the years.
  2. Team members simultaneously input basic facts about a new project.
  3. While the facts are being entered, the tool leverages AI to associate the inputs with questions. In what looks like an AI group chat, the tool then answers questions and surfaces unanswered ones with a checklist for the team to answer.
  4. The information the team needs to generate ballpark estimates, kick off the project, or create project assets is now available. It can also be used in other Klick tools to auto-generate project documents and assess them for completeness and consistency, before passing through the internal team’s final review and client approval.

Today’s news is the latest glimpse into how Klick has been embracing AI and machine learning in a number of innovative ways. Last month, it announced groundbreaking research in Mayo Clinic Proceedings: Digital Health around the AI model it created to detect Type 2 diabetes using 10 seconds of voice. The agency also recently launched the first ChatGPT plugin for life sciences companies in the U.S.

The arrival of Genome Perspective also marks the latest chapter in Klick’s history developing advanced technology to provide smarter ways of working. The company created its award-winning Genome operating system, almost two decades ago, which was profiled in their New York Times bestselling business book “THE DECODED COMPANY: Know Your Talent Better Than You Know Your Customers” (Portfolio/Penguin; February 2014).

About Klick Health

Klick Health is the world’s largest independent commercialization partner for life sciences is focused on hacking the boundaries of health by developing, launching, and supporting life sciences brands to achieve their full potential. The agency provides best-in-class marketing and advertising, media strategy and purchasing, medical affairs and medical communications, value and market access services, as well as enterprise omnichannel enablement among its specialized offerings. Klick’s client service is rooted in deep medical and scientific understanding, enabled by over 185 post-graduate, in-house medical experts; unrivaled decision sciences capabilities; and innovative, results-driven creative that has made it one of the most-awarded advertising agencies on the planet.

In 2023, Klick won 160 top creative honors and seven agency distinctions from the most respected advertising awards shows, including Clio Health Independent Agency of the Year, London International Awards’ Global and North American Independent Health Agency of the Year; and Cannes Lions’ #2 Healthcare Agency, #2 Healthcare Network, and #10 Independent Agency of the Year. Klick is also consistently ranked a Best Managed Company, Great Place to Work, Best Workplace for Women, Best Workplace for Inclusion, Best Workplace for Professional Services, Most Admired Corporate Culture, and a FORTUNE Best Workplace in Advertising.

Established in 1997, Klick Health (including Klick Katalyst and btwelve) has offices in New York, Philadelphia, Toronto, London, São Paulo, and Singapore. It is part of the Klick Group of companies, which also includes Klick Media Group, Klick Applied Sciences (including Klick Labs), Klick Consulting, Klick Ventures, and Sensei Labs. Follow Klick Health on LinkedIn and for more information on joining Klick, go to


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