SAN ANTONIO, Texas–(BUSINESS WIRE)–LandOnEarth, a revolutionary real estate home matching tool, announced today the expansion of their growing proptech platform into the Austin, Texas market. The platform uses a sophisticated AI-powered proprietary algorithm that combines consumer input, available inventory, and lifestyle data to show matching properties ranked by percentage. For real estate professionals, LandOnEarth simplifies what has been a complex and time-intensive process, turning it into a highly personalized, engaging experience.

“For the first time, the LandOnEarth platform brings to market a consumer-first real estate experience that includes an AI-based SmartMatch Technology℠ that has not been introduced before,” said CEO and Co-Founder, Mario Corona. “We’re here to streamline the home discovery experience by reducing time and friction. With LandOnEarth we quantify the subjective, visual, and unspoken personal preferences in home discovery. Until now, no real estate marketplace has matched buyers to both their perfect house and their ideal lifestyle.”

Since LandOnEarth launched in April of 2019, it has been continually enhancing its AI matching algorithm and match experience, modernizing and evolving the home discovery process for home buyers, renters, and real estate professionals. Similar to how dating platforms have transformed the dating world, LandOnEarth is transforming the process of selecting an ideal home. The platform goes beyond the typical bed, bath, and square footage search and provides results based on the lifestyle users aspire to live.

Realtors save time in getting to know their clients’ needs with AI technology. With more precise insights, the discovery process is reduced, and they can spend more time focusing on their client’s overall experience and the joy of finding the perfect match. Consumers can determine and easily select what is most important to them such as proximity to dog parks, the age of kids in the area, and commute times, matching the buyer with areas and homes they might never have considered using LandOnEarth’s matching algorithm. The tool allows consumers to drive the experience while validating how and why they match. It also provides instant collaboration on home matches with friends, family, real estate professionals, and mortgage brokers.

Keller Williams City View, a 950-agent market center in San Antonio, TX, is thrilled to be partnering with Land on Earth,” said Amy Clifton, Team Leader, Keller Williams City View. “This platform will be such a game changer for not only our clients but our agents as well. Helping clients and agents connect quicker on their desires in a home through the ease of this intuitive site makes the home buying/selling process exponentially more satisfying. This is the future of home search.”

“I see so many apps and technology come through the office weekly that attempt to solve problems that do not exist,” said Glenn Drake, Broker Owner of Drake Realty in Atlanta. “However, LandOnEarth’s benefits and functionality are cutting edge and very unique. This AI real estate platform will allow Drake Realty, Inc. to provide our clients the ability to choose home match variables that are important to them versus the standard price, bedrooms, and baths options. LandOnEarth allows them to search the criteria on their own time and at their own pace while allowing their agent to see what they like and what is important to them. Drake Realty, Inc. is thrilled to be part of LandOnEarth.”

LandOnEarth is focused on additional expansion into Atlanta, Houston, Dallas, Denver, Tampa, Miami, Orlando, Los Angeles, and San Diego throughout Q3 and Q4 of this year.

About LandOnEarth

LandOnEarth is the first real estate platform that empowers consumers to find the perfect match based on their needs, budget, and lifestyle. A sophisticated proprietary algorithm uses AI to combine consumer input, available inventory, and lifestyle data to show matching properties by percentage. The platform will integrate ranking, communications, scheduling, real-time chat, and management tools to provide consumers with seamless control throughout the real estate lifecycle. More at


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