Latin America´s largest Fintech bank integrates Bitcoin lightning payments via lightspark
“We’re excited to play a role in bringing Lightning to Nu’s 100 million customers and adding solutions to make their financial lives simpler and more efficient,” stated David Marcus, CEO and co-founder of Lightspark. “At Lightspark, we’re delighted to enable Nubank to keep evolving its crypto solutions. It’s also been fantastic to work with the talented team at Nu.”
Lightspark’s advanced technology, including SDKs, APIs, and AI tools, aims to facilitate seamless integration and optimization of transactions. This partnership aligns with Nubank’s mission to provide efficient, cost-effective solutions for its customers, while Lightspark aims to support Nubank’s evolving Bitcoin services, according to the announcement.
“The partnership with Lightspark, which has developed an excellent technical solution for the Bitcoin Lightning Network, is another step in Nubank’s mission to provide the best solutions for our clients and reinforce our long-term relationship with all of them,” said Thomaz Fortes, Executive Director at Nubank Cripto. “The future integration of Lightning underscores Nu’s ongoing mission to offer more efficient services with greater speed and lower costs through blockchain technology.”
Lightspark further emphasized the importance of this partnership in marking another big milestone for the Lightning Network, which could see it potentially boost its overall usage and advancing Nubank’s Bitcoin experience for its over 100 million customers across Brazil, Mexico, and Colombia.




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