NEW YORK–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Sardine AI and Fortress Trust, two leaders in the financial services industry, have joined forces to enhance the safety and security of blockchain-based payments (“ePayments”) worldwide. The partnership will bring together the unique strengths of each company to provide safer, faster, and compliant ePayments for their clients.

Sardine offers a unified risk management platform with API’s for fraud prevention, compliance, and instant settlement. By combining advanced machine learning with a powerful no-code rule builder, Sardine helps companies detect and stop fraud real-time. Fortress Trust is a technology-driven financial institution with robust APIs for foundational ePayment infrastructure, including fiat on/off-ramps, transaction monitoring, and self-custody wallets, setting the industry standard in advancing the development of secure blockchain payment infrastructure.

Through this collaboration, Fortress Trust is integrating Sardine’s AML/Fraud infrastructure into its stack, and Sardine is using Fortress Trust’s on/off-ramps, liquidity, custodial trust solutions, and user wallets to enhance its offerings. The partnership will provide faster and safer ePayments for clients globally, enabling them to frictionlessly and confidently modernize, leverage and scale their legacy payment solutions.

By combining their unique strengths, Sardine and Fortress Trust are set to take domestic and global payments to the next level as businesses of all types replace archaic old-school ACH, wire, Swift and physical check payment rails with ePayments, thereby massively lowering costs and creating previously unattainable efficiencies for both payers and payees.

“We are thrilled to announce our partnership with Sardine. With their innovative compliance and risk management platform and our leading Web3 infrastructure solutions, we are well-positioned to help businesses transform their payment solutions for employees, gig-workers, contractors, and vendors,” said Kevin Lehtiniitty, Co-Founder & CPO of Fortress Trust.

This partnership represents a pivotal moment for the blockchain industry, and both Sardine and Fortress Trust are thrilled to work together to advance the development of secure blockchain-based payment infrastructure. With a shared commitment to security, compliance, and technology excellence, this partnership is poised to transform the future of payments.

About Fortress Trust:

Fortress is a financial institution that provides Web3 financial, regulatory and technology infrastructure for blockchain innovators from Fortune 500 businesses to fintech startups who are building blockchain-based services that will transform the world. Fortress is the back-end infrastructure layer for payments, asset tokenization, regulated custody, compliance, and other services that enable B2B clients to launch quickly and scale effortlessly, Check us out at

About Sardine

Sardine offers a behavior-based platform for fraud prevention, regulatory compliance, and instant payments. Led by a team of industry veterans, and fraud experts from PayPal, Zelle, Revolut, Chase, and Coinbase, the company has quickly grown to over 200 global customers. Sardine has raised $75M, led by Andreessen Horowitz Growth, XYZ Capital, Google Ventures, Visa, Activant Capital, Experian, and ING Ventures.For more information, visit and follow us on LinkedIn and Twitter.


Fortress Trust:

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