Legal Industry Veteran, Christina Wojcik to Lead LexFusion’s Corporate Legal Operations, Commercial Transactions, and Innovation Acceleration Arm as Managing Director

NEW YORK–(BUSINESS WIRE)–#CorporateLexFusion, the leading legal tech and innovation accelerator is excited to welcome Christina Wojcik, as the new leader of our growing “Corporate Legal Operations, Commercial and Corporate legal tech ” business.

Wojcik’s unique experiences and expertise sets her apart. She most recently led innovation and technology strategy at a tier one financial institution where she built a legal innovation lab, launched the AI for Legal program, and supported the Ventures teams’ in their diligence process for investment opportunities. Wojcik was also pivotal in growth and customer success at Pangea3 (a trailblazing global legal service company) and Seal Software (the category builder in enterprise AI contract analytics), supporting the organizations from early stage through acquisition by major service/tech organizations.

“I’m incredibly excited to join LexFusion where I can take my experience on the buy and sell side of the tech and service cycle, and support organizations in their growth as well as ensure my corporate inhouse peers are selecting the right solution for their use cases. With long and intense onboarding processes, inhouse legal departments can’t afford to make the wrong tech selection and tech providers need to understand how to develop their software and info security in ways that can accelerate sales cycles,” states Wojcik.

Leaning into LexFusion’s proven capabilities in advising and growing game-changing legal tech companies, Wojcik looks forward to not only supporting LexFusion’s existing member companies (Agiloft, Factor, Priori and Macro), but also enhancing LexFusion’s curated collective with other providers in the corporate legal operations space.

With Wojcik, LexFusion expands its team to eight professionals across the globe, offering deep experience in generative AI, law firm management, corporate legal operations and technology, business development, litigation support & technology, and contracting support & technology.

“Generative AI has turned up the heat on an already hot legal technology market, making it swelter. Fortunately, but not accidentally, this renaissance in total addressable market, funding, and new tech coincides with LexFusion doubling down on practice-specific expertise. We started this investment in the summer of 2022 by adding Canby Wood, Global Director of Litigation, who spent the pandemic consulting litigators and law firms all over the country on how to utilize technology and virtual environments to maintain business as usual during very unusual times. Canby was particularly well positioned to support LexFusion members New Era ADR and Evidence Optix in their early growth efforts, and to help Casetext and DISCO capitalize on the evolving environment, as they introduced pioneering Generative AI products in the areas of legal research and eDiscovery, respectively” states Joe Borstein, LexFusion CEO and Co-Founder.

As the pace of development quickens and nascent offerings mature towards enterprise readiness, Borstein notes the increased emphasis on commercial transactions—contracting services, workflows, knowledge management, document enrichment, lifecycle management, and redlining. Says Borstein, “We needed a unicorn– someone with deep corporate experience who understands what it is required to meet enterprise needs at scale and deep experience opening up new markets for legal innovation in an industry resistant to change. Christina is that unicorn.”

“If not now, then when? As always, reality will lag behind hype as to the impact of Generative AI. This inflection point is real. But the new tech is not magic. While we’ve seen a some excellent product releases with Generative AI at their core from the likes of Agiloft, Macro, DISCO, Casetext, and Litera, we know that the road to product is long and the road to implementation/integration is even longer. Legal will not change overnight,” observes Casey Flaherty, LexFusion Chief Strategy Officer and Co-Founder.

He continues, “What has changed seemingly overnight is expectations, especially from the business. ‘But we’ve always done it this way’ and ‘what we really need is more headcount’ have never been less potent. This is a period of punctuated equilibrium with rapid evolution in what the business expects from legal functions and what legal functions expect from the extended legal value chain—law firms, managed service providers, and tech. Yet, knowing that change is necessary is not the same as knowing where and how to change. LexFusion helps accelerate legal innovation by working across to ecosystem and brining stakeholders together in a manner that enables them to make better decisions faster. Doing this well requires a rare mix of experience, passion, insight, and foresight. Almost no one embodies those qualities as well as Christina Wojcik. We’re so pleased to welcome her to the team.”

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