Lisbon hosts the International Startups Meeting

The International Startup Meeting (ISUM), led by the international AIESEC Alumni  organization, seeks not only to bring together the most promising entrepreneurs in the country but also to maximize their potential as business leaders. Allied to the organizing committee of CEIPEL, 2nd Congress of Entrepreneurship and Innovation in Latin Speaking Countries, we guarantee a robust program that includes a series of activities, such as leadership seminars, roundtable discussions, workshops and an international startup challenge.

Participants will have the opportunity to attend the lectures of great entrepreneurs, who have achieved great success in their endeavors, which will share their experiences and knowledge. We also have the presence of high representatives of public entities, which will address future growth policies and share the vision of western states in relation to entrepreneurship, particularly in the innovation and development sectors.

The startup challenge

Startups from around the world can sign up to participate in the Lisbon International Startup Meeting challenge.

Subscribers will build their business models through an innovative technology platform. The best ones will be selected for the second stage evaluated by a jury of consultants and investors. Each selected company will have 3 minutes to defend its idea and prove that it deserves to be among the 3 winners who have won a series of awards.

Sign up

Registrations on the site ( are open.


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