Capital Will Establish Community-First, High-Impact Blockchain Gaming Incubator

IN THE METAVERSE & NEW YORK–(BUSINESS WIRE)–MetaGoons, a pioneering Metaverse ecosystem and development platform, has announced its completion of a $2 million seed round. The company also revealed that it has partnered with Team Pacquiao GG, legendary boxer and Philippines Senator Manny Pacquiao’s esports team, joining as its exclusive Metaverse gaming partner.

The MetaGoons mission, which is to become the first holistic, vertically integrated Metaverse gaming, entertainment, investment, and development guild, has ignited the imaginations of key partners from all corners of the Web3 world. As a result, the Company has received investments from marquee institutions, strategic organizations, grassroots cryptocurrency natives and angel investors from over 11 different countries including, lead investor Flying Falcon, Arrington Capital, Hof Capital, and LD Capital.

“In our meeting with the co-founders Donnell and Jacky, we were sold on not just their vision and dedication, but also who they are as people,” said Flying Falcon. “The MetaGoons build on the traditional guild model. It’s a cultural movement that bridges the gap between crypto native and mainstream adoption by providing a platform that brings the best of IRL to the Metaverse in a way we’ve never seen before.”

The MetaGoons rebrand revealed at Miami’s NFT BZL in December received significant interest from the arts, music and entertainment communities, a testament to the power of the group’s cultural force, and the massive potential of both capturing non-crypto and gaming audiences.

In addition to the tremendous name recognition, partnering with Team Pacquiao GG (TPGG) connects on a more important level for the MetaGoons, according to co-founder Donnell Wright. “Manny’s ethos of community, competition, and charity, aligns perfectly with our fighter mentality of being rebels of the status quo, always trailblazing the unbeaten path. We are incredibly proud to be joining TPGG’s journey whilst supporting Manny’s vision for the future of esports and gaming within the Philippines.”

Beyond extending the MetaGoons brand into the esports scene and providing its community with access to Team Pacquiao GG, the two companies will collaborate on content and charity initiatives alongside the development and launch of a Team Pacquiao GG x MetaGoons non-profit Axie Infinity scholarship program.

As the blockchain gaming industry continues to experience significant growth, the MetaGoons team is envisioning a future with limitless possibilities. “Our unique, outside-the-box approach has set us apart from traditional players in the space and will continue our mission to create a culture-defining paradigm that sets the Metaverse ablaze and captures global fanbases.” says MetaGoons co-founder Jacky Yang. “The faithful and growing MetaGoons community is here to play a transformative role in play-to-earn adoption and accelerate the revolutionary movement that is Web3.”

About MetaGoons

MetaGoons is a Web3 ecosystem incubator ushering in the next wave of Metaverse explorers who seek to develop dynamic communities worldwide. Our mission is to bring to life a new paradigm in gaming that captivates and engages global fan bases. By creating an aspirational brand tapping in “culture,” MetaGoons aims to leverage the power of music, art, and entertainment as common denominators that connect and elevate us all. The Company is driven by a passion for upending the status quo, accelerating the adoption of Web3 tools, and trailblazing the Metaverse with a band of like-minded ‘Goons’ journeying into this brave new world.

About Team Pacquiao GG

Team Pacquiao GG or TPGG is the gaming, esports, lifestyle, and content brand of world-renowned, eight division champion boxer, philanthropist and Philippines Senator, Manny Pacquiao. Centered around community, competition, and charity, Team Pacquiao GG is a purpose driven esports organization that seeks to better promote and support homegrown Filipino gaming talent around the globe through grassroots and professional tournament series, pro-rosters, content creation and charitable activities. TPGG is a joint venture between Manny Pacquiao and the Veloce Group. For more information please visit or


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