Industry leader debuts visionary strategies and technology innovation to help global organizations unify the connection landscape for buyer engagement and accelerated revenue growth

PHILADELPHIA–(BUSINESS WIRE)–MRP today unveiled the future of account-based marketing (ABM) at its highly anticipated and exclusive event Enterprise ABM: From Complexity to Clarity, Your Roadmap to Success. Together with an all-star lineup of presenters from Forrester Research, Google, AMD, and more, MRP defined the new requirements of enterprise ABM and previewed the next generation of the MRP Prelytix platform, the only predictive Account-Based Sales and Marketing platform designed for the needs of the enterprise.

“MRP created the category of enterprise ABM and continues to lead the industry in defining new ways to maximize revenue and growth from complex, worldwide ABM initiatives,” said Scott Matthews, CEO of MRP. “Our clients and the market rely on us to proactively identify the behaviors and trends shaping global sales and marketing, and build ahead of these changes. With today’s announcement, we are providing the first-ever roadmap and corresponding capabilities necessary to address today’s non-linear, non-prescriptive buyer journeys at a global scale.”

MRP serves large multinational organizations in 6 continents and 20+ languages, including 19 of the top 20 technology companies in the world. MRP is widely recognized as an innovator on the cutting-edge of ABM, placing as a Leader in The Forrester New Wave™: ABM Platforms and earning top honors as a Global ABM Leader (Research in Action), Best Overall ABM Solution (MarTech Breakthrough), and the 2021 ABM Technology Leader (Quadrant Knowledge Solutions).

A Roadmap to ABM Maturity: ABM at Enterprise Scale Is Now a Reality

Enterprise marketers today are challenged to deliver meaningful and personalized buying journeys because they must manage, interpret, and act on millions of digital signals in real-time, at the speed of engagement.

New primary research shows that standard, top-down ABM campaigns are under-performing, with nearly 40% of B2B marketers saying their ABM programs are producing unmeasured, unknown, or negative revenue impacts. By contrast, the 23% of firms that have realized significant revenue gains from ABM consistently report a higher level of internal collaboration; a larger data set that’s highly integrated across the enterprise; a combined approach that marries backward-looking behavioral and CRM data with intent data; predictive capabilities; and sophisticated tools to personalize content to match prospects’ evolving priorities. Research details, along with additional MRP resources and playbooks for ABM maturity, can be found here.

Together with marketing leaders and researchers across the globe, MRP has defined a new set of best practices and strategies to bring a revolutionary approach to ABM to life in the enterprise. This includes practical, real-world approaches to create mature strategies that support collaboration, data management and orchestration, and responsive digital experiences that make it easier for buyers to buy.

The New MRP Prelytix: Breakthrough Technology Innovation

Marketing leaders who execute enterprise ABM need cutting-edge tools to process digital input from across the enterprise and drive coordinated campaigns. MRP’s next-generation Prelytix platform leverages the power of AI and ML to parse signals from around the globe in real-time, derive instant insights and predictive recommendations.

The new MRP Prelytix builds on this foundation and uniquely combines multi-language intent data, advanced real-time predictive analytics and insights, and seamless ABM program orchestration to help organizations unify the connection landscape for buyer engagement and accelerate revenue growth. Breakthrough capabilities include:

  • Enterprise Administration: The ability to operate on a single platform, share insights and measurement, and execute programs independently, within lines of business, regionally, and/or in concert with SMEs across the organization.
  • Advanced Data Management: Aggregate account-based data from contact-based systems, interweave intent data and first-party customer history records, and create a central source of truth for accounts that can be accessed by teams across the globe.
  • Intelligent Insights: Leverage the next generation of intent and predictive analytics to identify signals across the buyer journey with AI that prescribes next best actions.
  • Omnichannel Orchestration: Consistent delivery of messages across touchpoints that address target account needs and tailor ABM strategy by product/solution area.
  • Put the “Person” Back in “Personalization”: Coordinate content and messages across channels with real-time insights and lightning-fast ML that influences the buyers’ journey.
  • Revenue-Based Metrics: Prove the success of your programs with account-level measurement, drilling down from programs to tactics.

“MRP is the only company to provide a platform purpose-built to deliver revenue performance for sales and marketing teams operating in the sophisticated enterprise environment,” said Pierre Custeau, CTO and Head of Product at MRP. “Our modern platform, built with the best capabilities the cloud has to offer today, has an unmatched ability to deliver actionable insights, ensuring our clients are in step with buyers and ahead of the competition. Prelytix also features superior connectivity to our customer’s data and martech stack and ingests more than 1.7 trillion signals a month in multiple languages from locations around the world.”

About MRP

MRP Prelytix is the only enterprise-class predictive Account-Based Sales and Marketing platform. For organizations that serve multiple partners, lines of business, geographies, or industries, MRP Prelytix is the only platform to empower sales and marketing teams to simplify their environment’s complexity and produce measurable and high-performance conversion, pipeline velocity, and closed revenue. Applying the industry’s only real-time predictive analytics and data management, we fuel 1,000 ABM programs across six continents to coordinate, execute, and optimize their ABM programs using eight channels, produced in 20 languages. Powered by KX, Prelytix sits on top of the fastest streaming analytics database in the world. For more information visit:


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