NBB joins National Fintech Talent programme


National Bank of Bahrain (NBB) today announced its participation in Bahrain Fintech Bay’s National Fintech Talent Program (FTP) in line with the Bank’s ongoing commitment to digital advancement and human capital development – core pillars of its transformation agenda.

NBB is among the Founding Partners of Bahrain Fintech Bay and is actively involving its management and staff in initiatives being rolled out to support the growth and acceleration of the Kingdom’s fintech ecosystem including demand for well-trained talent.

The inaugural FinTech Talent Program, which is also supported by the Tamkeen ‘Labor Fund’, focuses on ensuring Bahrainis master the skills and knowledge needed to capitalize on new opportunities being created by fintech disruption. It has been developed in partnership with global experts in finance and technology, including Georgetown University’s McDonough School of Business, and international blockchain and artificial intelligence academies.

The Program consists of a six-month internship, where participating candidates will have the opportunity to receive mentorship from within partner organisations of Bahrain FinTech Bay. Through its participation in the program, NBB has already selected and engaged with an intern who has joined the Bank’s IT department, where they will work within a team environment learning how to devise new and innovative fintech solutions.

Commenting, Dana Buheji, Chief Human Resources officer at NBB, said, “We’re delighted to take a leading role in supporting human capital development in this critical area through our participation in the FinTech Talent Program, the first of many initiatives we aim to undertake with Bahrain Fintech Bay.

The development of fintech solutions and the enhancement of digital capabilities are essential to future sustainable growth for NBB and the broader financial services sector in the Kingdom. We are proud to be taking part in this pioneering programme that will help to mentor and train the next generation to continue to lead and drive innovation . ”

Khalid Saad, Chief Executive Officer at Bahrain Fintech Bay, said, “We are delighted by NBB’s support of Bahrain FinTech Bay’s National FinTech Talent Program. The program aims to equip the next generation of young Bahrainis with the necessary skills to be future leaders in the FinTech space and an opportunity for Bahrainis to gain their experience in NBB will support in achieving the program’s objectives. As one of our Founding Partners, we look forward to continuing to work ever more closely with NBB to further develop Bahrain’s FinTech ecosystem and talent.”

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