NIKOLAY ROZHOK has been appointed CEO of XIXOIO, a major fintech startup which provides wide-ranging, modular, financial services in banking, digital currencies and money remittance for businesses and consumers.

XIXOIO develops and manages its own network of financial service platforms which form an integrated network. This network will allow customers seamless access to disparate services – from digital currencies to business accounts.

XIXOIO also offers solutions to companies and investors who wish to raise capital and fund businesses through tokenization. It is developing the Initial Public Coin Offering (IPCO) process for tokenization of business financing.

Nikolay Rozhok says: “The recent, unconstrained excess of initial coin offerings (ICOs) has been detrimental to legitimate businesses who wish to use blockchain to raise capital.

“Investors need additional safety mechanisms to protect their ICO holdings from disappearing. Through IPCO, companies and investors will mitigate the risks and problems we currently see with ICOs.”

IPCO steps:
1. Company submits a business proposal, which is evaluated and rated by XIXOIO and offered to potential investors.

2. Investors buy company tokens, which constitute stakes in future revenue.

3. Raised capital is issued in tranches after meeting predefined milestones.

4. The whole IPCO process takes place in a simple, safe and regulatory compliant environment.

Richard Watzke, Chairman of the Board, XIXOIO, says: “XIXOIO is a cryptobanking ecosystem and ambitious fintech project, encompassing blockchain, banking, money remittance and cryptocurrencies. There is nobody better than Nikolay Rozhok to take the helm.

“Nikolay Rozhok took a small financial technology startup in the back room of an apartment and, after nine years of dedication, turned it into an international fintech powerhouse, with 60 employees, a physical presence in seven countries and active globally. He is a fintech visionary and his track record speaks for itself.”