Not Shiba Inu or Bonk, but this Meme Coin could create the next wave of Crypto millionaires


Top names in the meme crypto sector like Shiba Inu (SHIB) and Bonk have been showcasing their remarkable potential, as SHIB experienced a massive token burn recently, and BONK saw an outstanding surge in daily trading volume.
However, a newcomer, Raboo ($RABT), seems to be celebrated more by meme enthusiasts, as they see a bigger growth potential in the token. $RABT, though still a presale token, has been tipped to have the capability to turn some of its early investors into crypto millionaires. Let’s find out more about this token.

Shiba Inu community cheers massive token burn, but price dips

In June, Shiba Inu experienced an interesting development, which was a rise in the SHIB token burn rate to nearly 530% within 24 hours, according to recent data from Shibburn, a portal used to facilitate the burn process for Shiba Inu. The quantity of SHIB tokens burned at that time was about 37.53 million.
The Shiba Inu community view this very massive SHIB burn as a remarkable development because it reduces the total supply of SHIB tokens in circulation, giving it the potential to appreciate in value. Although SHIB has declined by 15.38% to a current price of $0.00001768 following the massive token burn, experts still believe that the burn event will have a positive impact on the meme coin in the long run.

BONK saw 5% increase on daily chart amid growing investor interest

BONK, a meme token built on the Solana blockchain, captured the market’s attention recently with its trading volume, which skyrocketed by 65% to reach $701.83 million as per a report on June 6th. This surge in BONK’s trading volume reflects a growing investor willingness to trade BONK.
CoinMarketCap, the crypto data platform, currently tracks BONK’s price at $0.00002025. Experts believe the positive sentiment around BONK and its active community engagement might be fueling its current performance.

Raboo: The New Meme Coin Promising Millionaire Impresses with AI & Social-Fi

As meme enthusiasts continue their relentless chase for the next big thing in the meme sector a new presale coin called Raboo ($RABT) has emerged with innovative AI and Social-Fi  features poised to overshadow the intriguing performances of Shiba Inu and BONK. This meme coin is not just aiming for short-term gains, but building a lasting, utility-driven ecosystem that could create a new generation of crypto millionaires.

One of the basis of Raboo’s long-term strategy is its innovative approach to incentivizing token holders. For instance, the meme coin project has carefully designed its tokenomics to reward long-term engagement and participation  by allocating a staggering 7.5% of its 1.8 billion $RABT token for its rewards program.

Meme enthusiasts can earn part of the presale token allocated for the reward program by participating in the  variety of activities within the platform, ranging from creating and sharing memes to actively engaging with the Raboo community. As for  Raboo’s ongoing presale, experts recommend investors to participate by purchasing $RABT at its current price of just $0.0048, as they could witness a potential 100-fold surge in the presale token after it launches.


While Shiba Inu and BONK have garnered attention for their recent price movements, investors still remain focused on the newcomer Raboo ($RABT) as it aims to create the next wave of crypto millionaires with its innovative approach to incentivizing long-term engagement, coupled with its rare meme functionality powered by AI and Social-Fi. With the presale coin currently being purchased for $0.0048 per token, and almost $2 million generated from the token sales, Raboo is rapidly positioning itself as a dominant token in the meme ecosystem.




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