Latest Generation Cellular LTE Infrastructure and Advanced Software Wins RFP

CARLSBAD, Calif.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–#IoT–Smart Earth Technologies has been selected as the competitive bid winner to deliver Advanced Metering Infrastructure (AMI) to the City of Ovilla, Texas. SET’s software leadership and unique ability to deliver instant AMI without requiring construction and maintenance of a proprietary network significantly accelerates the City’s business case benefits.

“With SET’s software leadership, and intelligent cellular infrastructure, the City of Ovilla has already started residential installations. We skipped the headache and cost of time-consuming permitting and construction of collector networks,” said James Kuykendall, Public Works Director for the City of Ovilla. “SET has already delivered our devices, started the integration process, and provided communications support as well. The City has been pleased with SET’s responsiveness.”

The City of Ovilla has experienced steady growth with new neighborhoods under construction. Modern, efficient technology is a theme for the City in the way they do business and in their approach to economic development. SET’s clean, innovative technology maximizes utility and water efficiency while delivering a comprehensive software and LTE networking solution. Negating the need for proprietary network collectors saves the City time and money – and preserves precious City resources now and in the future.

“The opportunity to drive recurring, financial operations benefits and water conservation for cities of all sizes is what drives SET,” stated SET CEO John Stafford. “Leveraging proven LTE-based technology and state-of-the-art cloud-based, smart water solutions with an unprecedented commitment to utility value, and customer service is what we are all about.”

SET products include fully integrated, battery-operated, cellular endpoint transceivers and remote smart valves, installation tools, LTE network infrastructure, award-winning cloud software for head-end, data management, and expert professional services for customer information systems (CIS) integration.

As utilities consider the sunset-stage of earlier generation systems, the SET cloud and LTE based solutions provide an infrastructure-free approach to network migration, software integration, new use cases, recurring operating savings, and customer satisfaction.

About Smart Earth Technologies

SET has delivered cloud-based LTE AMI solutions and software to more than 100 water utilities and selected AMI OEMs worldwide. SET products include fully integrated, battery-operated, meter-neutral LTE endpoint transceivers and valves, installation tools, LTE network infrastructure, and award-winning cloud software for head-end utility operations. For more information on Smart Earth Technologies visit


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