WEST HARTFORD, Conn.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–OWIT Global (OWIT), the leader in cloud-based insurance-specific microservices architected solutions to digitalize the global insurance industry, announces the release of O/DIEM, OWIT’s Digitalization Insurance Enterprise Management Platform.

O/DIEM is a strategic platform for the insurance industry that supports the industry’s need for innovative processes and clean data from internal and external sources. Over the years, insurers have implemented various software solutions to support multiple lines of business and operational requirements. These solutions have created an enormous data integrity issue. In addition, the opportunity to streamline processes has become imperative to support the scaling of distribution channels.

O/DIEM provides carriers, brokers, reinsurers, TPAs, MGAs, MGUs, and other insurance entities with a strategic enterprise platform that gives total control to collect, cleanse, utilize, normalize, and distribute data to various counterparties and internal systems. Clients can connect their existing systems to O/DIEM to cleanse data or leverage OWIT’s other solutions.

“We recognized the need to combine process and clean data. Innovation of customer experience and process and the operational challenge of dealing with disparate data led us to BDX-Central, our bordereaux management solution. This initially focused on the industry’s need to automate the consumption and sending of bordereaux data. In time, our solution expanded to solve the bigger need of handling all data and creating the flexibility to build a platform to streamline processes, completing the digitalization circle,” said Wendy Aarons-Corman, Chief Executive Officer of OWIT Global. “The industry cannot solve this problem by hiring more people or developing proprietary software solutions that need to change with additional distributions and needs. O/DIEM is a strategic platform for today’s tactical need and tomorrow’s unknowns.”

“We are delighted to be working with a global London Market Broker in implementing a Delegated Data Management Solution, built on O/DIEM, that removes the need for conventional bordereaux,” said Julian James, President of EMEA and AsiaPac and Global Chief Revenue Officer of OWIT Global. “With O/DIEM, the industry now has an alternative solution to enable direct access to the source data as a first step in digitalizing the end-to-end process.”


The OWIT portfolio is built on a Digitalization Insurance Enterprise Management platform (O/DIEM) to support the industry need to re-invent and improve both process and the need for clean data across the value chain. O/DIEM assimilates data ingestion and transformation via OWIT’s Delegated Data/Bordereaux/Binder Management solutions as well as other solutions such as broker portal, point of sale, rating, rules, and document generation. O/DIEM can also connect to a client’s existing environments to enable the transformation (clean and normalized) of both data and (digitalization) process.

OWIT is a global insurance specialist technology provider for carriers, brokers, reinsurers, and MGA/MGUs. Since OWIT’s incorporation in 2018, our solutions have been designed and built from the “ground-up” and the “cloud-down” on a modern architecture designed to optimize no-code and cloud deployment with a mission to simplify innovation via the digitalization of process and data, in harmony with the integration of our customers’ existing environments to maximize their investments.

For more information about OWIT Global, please visit www.OWITGlobal.com.


Gilda Migliore