SEOUL, South Korea–(BUSINESS WIRE)–#CryptoCurrency–The P2E game ‘Legend of Pandonia (hereinafter referred to as L.o.P),’ released in 2022, is loved by many users all over the world for its high-quality gameplay. Now, through the wallet integration and staking update, more users can join the interesting and exciting journey of the Knights.

Coins in My wallet… Wallet integration update!

Now, users can transfer the mPANDO acquired in-game to their wallets. If a user creates a PANDO SWAP wallet, the user can transfer mPANDO assets there to make deposit/withdraw. mPANDO deposited in ‘My wallet’ can now be exchanged for Bitcoin and Ethereum. PANDO coins can also be swapped for mPANDO.

Pandonia shop is open! Enjoy staking benefits together!

Users can use acquired mPANDO at the Pandonia in-game shop. The Pandonia shop is a place where users can purchase SSR (ultimate grade) heroes as well as specific items to enjoy fantastic battles more and more. There is also a variety of items that can make hero stronger. In order to use the Pandonia shop users must participate in mPANDO in-game staking.

How to get mPANDO coins in the ‘Legend of Pandonia’?

L.o.P is an action RPG where players can enjoy and collect 120 unique heroes along the arduous journey of the Knights in search of Soul Stones that helps obtain a tremendous power. Furthermore, players can experience the fun of creating their own battle hero combinations with L.o.P’s unique battle system, which they can play with three main heroes and three support characters (six heroes in total).

Besides these, L.o.P opens a regular Arena (PVP) and Tower of Abyss (PVE) season every week. The final reward for the regular season is 5,000 mPANDO. In addition, players can acquire mPANDO via various content such as daily and achievement quests. mPANDO is a MainNet coin designed for various in-game applications’ use.

For more information and the latest updates of L.o.P, please visit the official website and the social communities below.

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