MONTREAL–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Pixel Guru and 360.Agency are proud to announce a new partnership that will both enhance Pixel Guru’s reach across North America while enhancing 360.Agency’s offering in business solutions for automotive dealerships.

Pixel Guru offers a mobile application specifically designed for dealerships that enables them to post professional photos processed by artificial intelligence of their inventory of new and used vehicles. The company pioneered this technology in Canada over 5 years ago and remains the clear leader with more than 250 customers in Canada.

“The association with 360.Agency will allow Pixel Guru to accelerate its growth while offering a product that fits with the agency’s innovative digital strategies,” said Pier-Olivier Beaupré, co-founder of Pixel Guru.

In particular, the application allows the creation of consistent high-quality images from multiple angles and personalized with the dealership’s branding for each vehicle in inventory. In doing so, these images allow potential customers to get more complete information about a particular vehicle right on the website.

“Our service differentiates itself with its speed, but also its simplicity. It is possible to obtain professional images downloaded directly into the dealer’s CMS of all vehicles in inventory quickly and put the focus on the product,” adds Pier-Olivier Beaupré.

Mr. Beaupré remains a partner with Pixel Guru and will continue to serve as General Manager of the company. There will be no interruptions or changes to Pixel Guru’s offering for its current customers.

Over the past 11 years, 360.Agency has worked with over 1,000 auto dealerships across North America to optimize their online performance and digital sales channels. The agency launched the first fully online e-commerce platform in Canada, Showroom 360, in 2017 as well as a new application optimizing the dealership sales process, Desking 360, in 2020.

The company with more than 250 employees provides the full range of solutions designed to optimize online and in-dealership sales, including automotive e-commerce solutions, a Desking application, CRM optimization and CMS platforms, digital advertising management and optimization, SEO, programmatic advertising, content creation and strategy, and website creation.

This partnership with Pixel Guru is part of 360.Agency’s strategy to offer a complete solution to its customers that ensures the transition to the new reality of online sales in the automotive industry. 360.Agency’s strategies and products help optimize the online and in-dealership selling process and ensure top performance across all channels consumers use.

“With Pixel Guru, dealers are able to showcase their product to facilitate the online car buying process. For 360.Agency, the mobile application is a necessary tool for online sales and fits perfectly into our complete range of digital products and our mission to optimize the electronic commerce of our customers,” says Louis-Yves Cloutier, President and CEO of 360.Agency.

The two companies see in this strategic partnership an opportunity for growth, but also a combination of common values.

“I was looking for a dynamic company that had the success of Pixel Guru at heart, but also with whom I would also like to remain an integral part and for whom the human and personal aspect was just as important,” explains Mr. Beaupré.

“It is important for 360.Agency that each partnership is beneficial both on a business and personal level. From a corporate values, mission and ethical standpoint, 360.Agency and Pixel Guru are very close and fit together very well,” concludes Louis-Yves Cloutier.

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